Accepted Submissions

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Accepted WeSSLLI Submissions

A Cross-Linguistic Examination of Geminate Consonant Attrition

Rawan Hanini, Mariagrazia Sciannantena and Michelle Ciccone

A Gamified Approach to Teaching the Expression of Emotion in English to Native Speakers of Tone and Stress Languages

Natalie Mosseri, Jenny Ortega and Hadassa Dorville

A Pragmatic Account of Conventionalized Metaphors

Ioana Grosu

An Argument for Reducing Homogeneity to Distributivity

Alexandros Kalomoiros

Analyzing and Comparing Speech Disfluency Patterns in Non-Native Dialogue: A Qualitative Case Study

Iuliia Zaitova

Applying Type Theory with Records to Visual Narrative for a Perceptually-Grounded Semantics

Lauren Edlin

Conjunction and Disjunction in Probability Judgments

Cathy Agyemang

Distinctions in Articulatory Proficiency Between Monolinguals and Multilinguals of Varied Backgrounds: An Acoustic Analysis of Tongue Twisters

Crystal Gilbert, Beckie Dugaillard and Marianna Krivoshaev

Evidentiality and Epistemicity in Cantonese: The Case of wo5

Sophia Chan

Gricean Secrets

Anthony Nguyen

Hello Siri, Why Don't You Understand? - A Study on Grounding of Human and Agent Interlocutors in Dialogues

Wan Ching Ho

Interaction between Intonational and Syntactic Markers of Information Structure in Mandarin

Jing Ji

Perspectives in Demonstrative Semantics

Rory Harder

'She Has a Tattoo Where?': Cross-Linguistic Differences in Scalar Implicature Calculation

Danielle Dionne

The 'In' and 'According to' Prefixes

Merel Semeijn

The Discourse Effect of "Just" in Imperative and Interrogative Utterances

William Thomas

The Falsity of the Consequent in Contrastive Conditionals

Hayley Ross

The Role of Segmental and Suprasegmental Information in the Perception of Foreign-Accented English by Native Speakers

Anna Maria La Franceschina

Accepted ESSLLI Submissions

Long papers

A Logical Framework for Understanding Why

Yu Wei


Assessing the Effect of Text Type on the Choice of Linguistic Mechanisms in Scientific Publications

Iverina Ivanova


Formalizing Henkin-Style Completeness of an Axiomatic System for Propositional Logic

Asta Halkjær From


More Truthmakers for Vagueness

Shimpei Endo


Towards a Cross-Linguistic Description of Morphological Causatives: Issues in Syntax-Semantics Linking

Valeria Generalova

Short papers

Cancelling the Maxim of Quantity & Reasoning Under Uncertainty

Cathy Agyemang


Demystifying Meta-Meta-Questions in Concealed Questions

Boram Kim


Towards a Logic of Attention

Gaia Belardinelli