Call for Demonstrations and Breaking News

The WatchDial Demonstrations and Breaking News Program is intended to foster discussion and the exchange of ideas among researchers and practitioners from academia and industry by presenting work in progress, dialogue systems and research prototypes of such systems, including their capabilities and workings. Accepted demonstrations and breaking news will be allocated one time slot of 1.5 or 2 hours during the workshop program, and will have a short paper included in the proceedings.

Timetable for Authors

Topics for Interest

The Demonstrations and Breaking News Program welcomes presentations of systems on all topics of the main WatchDial session, including, but not limited to:

The demonstrations and breaking news must present new ideas, which are not already established in mainstream publications, presentations or services. However, the presentation need not run solely at the conference site; it is all right if it has been showcased elsewhere in the recent past. Captivating demonstrations will be given an advantage in the review process.

Submissions from everyone, including authors of short and long talks at the WatchDial main session, are encouraged. 

Author Registration

Registration for WatchDial is open. At least one author per presentation must be registered by July 11. For further details, please visit .

Submission and Review Process

Authors are required to submit two items: (1) a 2-page short paper describing their system or theme for the lighting talk, formatted in ACL two-column style, and for the demo, (2) a video (of duration up to 10 minutes) of the proposed demonstration. Slides are also permitted in lieu of video, but greater weight will be given to demonstrations accompanied by videos. The paper must present the technical details of the demonstration or project, discuss related work, and describe the significance of the demonstration or project.  

To submit, please email to with the subject line “WatchDial Demo/News submission”

Submissions will be judged for clarity, the significance of the proposed demonstration, and its relevance to the SemDial community.