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WeSSLLI 2020 Virtual Student Session Call for Papers

July 11-July 17, 2020, Brandeis University (Waltham, Massachusetts)

As NASSLLI 2020 has been moved to 2021, the NASSLLI 2020 Student Session has been postponed accordingly. Instead, a Virtual Student Session will be held during the Web Summer School in Logic, Language, and Information (WeSSLLI) in 2020. 

The Web Summer School for Logic, Language, and Information (WeSSLLI) presents a cross-disciplinary perspective on how information is represented, communicated, and manipulated by human minds and by machines. WeSSLLI represents a community that recognizes that advances in modeling and analyzing the performance of these tasks, as well as automating them, require the contributions of multiple interrelated disciplines.

A Virtual Student Session will be held during the WeSSLLI 2020 summer school, consisting of a series of talks during the weekof July 11 - July 17, alternating with WeSSLLI courses and workshops. The Virtual Student Session provides students the opportunity to present their own research in a setting where they can receive feedback from peers and established researchers.

Graduate and advanced undergraduate students1 are invited to submit abstracts of no more than two pages in any of the fields related to the school, including but not limited to:

Abstracts should represent original and unpublished work (or works in progress). All co-authors must be students and no one should be the first (or sole) author on more than one submission, or a co-author on more than two submissions. Minorities, women, and students from underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to apply.

1That is, individuals enrolled in an academic program in 2020 who will not have been awarded their Ph.D. by the time of the summer school.

Submission Details

Abstracts can be submitted at:

Abstract​ ​Requirements:

Submission​ ​deadline:​ ​May 4,​ ​2020​, 11:59pm AOE (anywhere on Earth, UTC-12)

Notification of acceptance: June 5, 2020

As the ESSLLI Student Session and WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session now have the same submission deadline, authors may be interested in the ESSLLI Student Session if they prefer to submit a 4-page or 8-page paper (see details on the ESSLLI Student Session web page) rather than a 2-page abstract.

The authors whose abstracts are accepted to the WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session will have a chance to win a poster prize, a Springer book voucher, originally offered to ESSLLI Student Session by Springer.

The authors whose abstracts are accepted to the WeSSLLI Virtual Student Session are welcome to submit a revised, extended up-to-12-page paper after their acceptance, which will get published in the ESSLLI Student Session's online proceedings.  The best papers may be eligible for publication in a special Springer volume in the LNCS series together with the best papers of the Student Sessions 2019 and 2020.

The author(s) of each accepted submission will be given a dedicated web space to present the content however they like (e.g. attach downloadable files, create web pages to represent text, tables, formulas, graphics, slides and/or videos). During the Virtual Student Session, authors of accepted submissions can interact with the audience both synchronously (via Zoom) and asynchronously (via comments within their web spaces). Detailed instructions and technical support will be provided after the notification of acceptance.


For questions relating to the Virtual Student Session, please email

For all other questions about WeSSLLI 2020, please email