Hebrew Placement Exam

Hebrew 10 (Beginning Hebrew) and Hebrew 19 (Beginning Hebrew Honors)

No exam necessary. If you have no knowledge of Hebrew, or if you have partial knowledge of the Hebrew alphabet and know 10 to 20 words, you are considered a beginner and should register for Hebrew 10.

If you are familiar with the Hebrew alphabet and know 30-50 words, or you have some minor background in Hebrew, you are considered an advanced beginner and should register for Hebrew 19. Offered every fall.

Taking the Placement Exam

The Hebrew placement exam & questionnaire is available online here. Please complete the questionnaire and the appropriate level exam at least a week before Pre-Enrollment or Registration starts. Please email Sara Hascal at hascal@brandeis.edu and let her know when you have submitted a complete exam so there will be no delay in getting back to you.

Alternatively, you can download the questionnaire and the placement exam, complete the paperwork, take a photo and email or scan to Sara Hascal at hascal@brandeis.edu.

The Hebrew program will notify you of the results of your exam via email. Based on these results, you may be asked to set up an oral proficiency interview to determine the appropriate level course.

Exemption from the above Placement Exam

Students who have taken the AP Hebrew, SAT Hebrew subject or The Jerusalem Exam are not required to take the above placement exam, however they need to email their standardized exam score to Sara Hascal at hascal@brandeis.edu. Students may be required to take an advanced level placement exam to determine if their proficiency will satisfy the university language requirement. The Hebrew program will contact the student to set up this exam as well as an oral proficiency interview.  Based on these assessments, the student will be recommended a variety of language options including upper level courses that are aligned with the Brandeis fundamental literacies requirement.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the program, please contact Professor Sara Hascal at hascal@brandeis.edu.