Department of Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Minor in Hebrew Language, Literature, and Culture

The minor in Hebrew Language, Literature, and Culture aims to bring students to an advanced level of proficiency in Hebrew and offer a strong background in Hebrew culture and literature. Courses are taught by faculty whose fields of specialization include biblical studies, post-biblical, Rabbinic, and medieval Hebrew literature, modern Hebrew literature and culture, and Hebrew language.


The minor consists of five semester courses:

  1. Three courses in Hebrew language selected from the following:

    HBRW 34a, HBRW 35a, HBRW 41a, HBRW 44b, HBRW 121b, HBRW 123a, HBRW 123b, HBRW 124a, HBRW 141a, HBRW 144a, HBRW 146a, HBRW 161b, HBRW 162b, HBRW 164b, HBRW 167b, HBRW 168a, HBRW 168b, HBRW 170a

    Please note that only one HBRW 30 level course and only one HBRW 40 level course might count for your minor.
  2. One text-intensive course in Biblical, Rabbinic or Medieval Hebrew. The course is taught in English using texts in Hebrew:

    NEJS 10a, NEJS 25a, NEJS 110b, NEJS 112a, NEJS 114b, NEJS 118b, 119a, NEJS 121b, NEJS 122b, NEJS 123b, NEJS 125b, NEJS 126a, NEJS 126b, NEJS 127b
  3. One course in Modern Hebrew Literature (taught in Hebrew):

    NEJS 173a, NEJS 174a, NEJS 174b, NEJS 178a

Students may double count up to two courses with another major or minor. A maximum of two semester course credits taken at other universities may be accepted toward the minor. Each course transferred from another university must have the approval of the Hebrew program in order to be accepted for credit toward the minor requirements. Students are encouraged to seek advance approval from the Hebrew program advisor for all courses intended for transfer credit.