Elisabeth A. C. Mills

elisabeth millsResearch Assistant Professor


PhD, University of California, Los Angeles


Professor Mills studies the center of our Galaxy, specializing in observations at infrared, millimeter, and radio wavelengths. Her research focuses on determining the physical, chemical, and dynamical processes responsible for extreme molecular gas conditions in this environment, which may influence the resulting star formation process. A main goal of her research is to understand not just how stars form in galaxy centers, but how they formed in analogous environments in the early universe at the peak of cosmic star formation. Recently, she has also begun high-resolution surveys of the gas in the nuclei of other nearby galaxies in order to better constrain the inflow and outflow processes that shape galaxy nuclei and galaxies as a whole.

Sample of Recent Publications

Mills, E.A.C., Ginsburg, A. Clements, A.R., Schilke, P., Menten, K., De Pree, C., Schmiedeke, A., Butterfield, N. Discovery of 14NH3 (2,2) maser emission in Sgr B2-Main. ApJL in Press

Mills, E.A.C., Corby, J., Clements, A.R., Butterfield, N., Jones, P., Cunningham, M., Ott, J. A Centimeter-wave Study of Methanol and Ammonia Isotopologues in Sgr B2(N): Physical and chemical differentiation between two hot cores. ApJ in Press

Mills, E.A.C., Ginsburg, A., Immer, K., Barnes, J.M., Wiesenfeld, L., Faure, A., Morris, M.R., Requena-Torres, M.A. The Dense Gas Fraction in Galactic Center Clouds. 2018 ApJ 868:7-23

Mills, E.A.C., Togi, A., Kaufman, M. Hot Molecular Gas in the Circumnuclear Disk. 2017 ApJ 850:192-213

Mills, E.A.C., and Battersby, C. Origins of Scatter in the Relationship Between HCN1-0 and Dense Gas Mass in the Galactic Center. 2017 ApJ, 835:76-89