Lifespan Lab

Undergraduate Research Assistants

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Sara Motoyama
Head Psychology Research Assistant and Thesis Student

Sara is a senior from Tokyo, Japan who has been a Lifespan Lab RA since January 2022. As Head Research Assistant and Thesis Student at the lab, she is interested in the crossover between research innovation and business. She received the Summer Provost Undergraduate Research Fellowship and the Sprout Innovation Award for work with the Lifespan Lab. She hopes to continue creating efficient and sound solutions to support research in cognitive aging. In her free time, she enjoys solving puzzles and baking bread. 

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Luna Li
Lead Psychology Research Assistant and Thesis Student

Luna is a senior from China who joined the Lifespan Lab in August 2022. She is a lead research assistant and thesis student. For her Summer Provost Undergraduate Research Fellowship, she enjoyed researching the relationship between voice parameters and anxiety in the lab. In her senior year, she aims to investigate the relationship between anxiety and cognitive decline in older adults. She has made great friends in the lab. In her spare time, she enjoys working on her graphic novel and cooking Chinese food.

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Blossom Neo
Lead Psychology Research Assistant

Blossom is a senior from Singapore, and has been working as a Lead Research Assistant at the Lifespan Lab since September 2022. She is interested in ways to ease the impacts of aging, especially in relation to dementia and cognitive decline. As a philosophy and psychology major, she hopes to continue pursuing her interest between the intersection of these fields both during and beyond her final year as an undergraduate. In her free time, she enjoys baking pastries, drawing, and spending time at home with her three little dogs.

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Le Tian
Lead Computer Science Research Assistant

Le is an undergraduate senior from Beijing, China, who started as a Lifespan Lab Lead Computer Science RA in Fall 2023. She is dedicated to finding and realizing lab research process automation, and machine learning in audio-text conversion. After graduating college, she hopes to pursue a master’s degree in data analysis. In her free time, she enjoys exploring 3D sculptures and dioramas.

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Gabriel Abreu
Lead Computer Science Research Assistant

Gabriel is a junior from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, who joined the lab in Fall 2023. He works as a Lead Computer Science RA, developing models to automate data scoring and analysis of participant audio data. Although still exploring what to do once he graduates, he would like to continue pursuing interests in math and automation. In his spare time he likes watching movies, reading, and traveling to different places.

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Sunan (Catherine) Sun
Senior Psychology Research Assistant

Sunan (Catherine) is a junior from Beijing who has been a Lifespan Lab RA since Fall 2022. She is enthusiastic about developmental psychology and really enjoys her lab work analyzing biomarkers associated with cognitive decline in the middle-age and older adult demographic. She hopes to further her interests in developmental psychology in graduate school. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, solving puzzles, and staying with her golden retriever.

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Toby Lipson
Psychology Research Assistant

Toby is a sophomore from Canton, MA who has been in the Lifespan Lab since Spring semester 2023. He enjoys collaborating with the other undergraduate research assistants to assist with the various projects in the lab. In the future, he hopes to explore a career in clinical psychology. Outside of the lab, he enjoys listening to music and making pottery.

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Lauren Silva
Senior Psychology Research Assistant

Lauren is a junior from Northborough, MA and started in the Lifespan Lab in September 2022. Her favorite part about the lab is getting the opportunity to help with such important work and do it alongside wonderful people. After graduation, Lauren hopes to go to graduate school and get her Ph.D., so she is still discovering her interests. She loves going to the gym, reading, and spending time with her two dogs.

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Danna Gelfand
Psychology Research Assistant

Danna is junior from Brooklyn, NY who has been a Lifespan Lab RA since Spring semester 2023. She enjoys the work environment, being around supportive fellow RAs, and analyzing data. After graduation she hopes to attend physician assistant or medical school and further engage in research. She is passionate about utilizing her vocal performance background for charity events and engaging in community service.

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Agatha Edwards
Psychology Research Assistant

Agatha is a junior from Brooklyn, NY majoring in Psychology and Health, Science, Society and Policy (HSSP). She has been a Lifespan Lab RA since January 2024. Her research interests include social cognition and developmental psychology, especially disorders like anxiety and BPD. In addition to her academics, she enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, writing, watching movies, and trying new foods.

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Nathan Merin
Psychology Research Assistant

Nathan is a sophomore from San Francisco, California who joined the Lifespan Lab in Spring of 2024. He hopes to continue studying psychology in graduate school and the ways it can be applied and combined with other disciplines. In his free time, he loves to watch scary movies and explore new restaurants in Boston.  

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Emma Weston
Psychology Research Assistant

Emma is a sophomore from Huntington Beach, California and has been a Lifespan Lab RA since Spring Semester 2024. She is double majoring in Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy with a minor in Psychology on the pre-med track. She is passionate about learning about cognitive decline in individuals as they age and the influences aging has on memory, as she is heavily involved in the Alzheimer's community: she advocates with the Alzheimer's Association, planns Walk-a-thons, and volunteers with Alzheimer's patients. In her free time, Emma enjoys running, finding new coffee shops, dancing, and traveling.