Migration Phase 1

Phase 1 includes the university homepage, top-level landing pages linked from the homepage, GSAS, the Rose Art Museum, emergency services and sites that are recruitment focused.

This phase is complete.

Order Website Name Web Team Contact Status
1 University Homepage,
Top-Level Landing Pages
Audrey Griffin-Goode,
Allie Morse
2 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Carrie Simmons Complete
3 Student Financial Services Stephanie DeBoer Complete
4 Public Safety Allie Morse Complete
5 Study Abroad Anne Meade Complete
6 Community Living Stephanie DeBoer Complete
7 Hiatt Career Center Stephanie DeBoer Complete
8 Rose Art Museum Carrie Simmons Complete
9 Anne Meade Complete
10 Global Youth Summit Anne Meade Complete
11 Orientation Allie Morse Complete
12 Office of the President Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
14 Streaming Video Carrie Simmons Complete
15 Prevention Services Allie Morse Complete
16 Emergency Preparedness Allie Morse Complete
17 Prevention, Advocacy & Resource Center Allie Morse Complete
18 Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Allie Morse Complete
19 Emergency Services Allie Morse Complete
20 Severe Weather Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
21 Student Accessibility Support Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
22 Web Accessibility Sarah Ferguson Complete
23 CMS Guide Anne Meade
Stephanie DeBoer