Migration Phase 3

Phase 3 includes all remaining student service sites.

This phase is complete.

Order Website Name Web Team Contact Status
1 Academic Services Stephanie DeBoer
Anne Meade

Academic Advising

Anne Meade Complete
3 BEMCo Anne Meade Complete
4 International Students and Scholars Office Anne Meade Complete
5 Student Activities Anne Meade Complete
6 Chaplaincy (Spiritual and Religious Life) Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
7 Community Service Lori Allard Complete
8 Dean of Students Office Stephanie DeBoer Complete
9 Intercultural Center Ken Gornstein Complete
10 Student Rights and Community Standards
  • Academic Integrity
Stephanie DeBoer Complete
11 Division of Student Affairs
  • Brandeis Beacons
Ken Gornstein Complete
12 Graduate Student Affairs Ken Gornstein Complete
13 English Language Programs Ken Gornstein Complete
14 Gateway Scholars Program Ken Gornstein Complete
15 - 18 Library Services Carrie Simmons
Anne Meade
19 University Bulletin Audrey Griffin-Goode
Carrie Simmons
20 Registrar Audrey Griffin-Goode
Carrie Simmons
21 - 23 University Writing Program Ken Gornstein Complete
24 Commencement Carrie Simmons Complete
25 Gender and Sexuality Center Ken Gornstein Complete
26 Phi Beta Kappa Ken Gornstein Complete
27 Student Clubs and Organizations Anne Meade Complete
28 University Ombuds Stephanie DeBoer Complete
29 The Care Team Stephanie DeBoer Complete
30 Brandeis Counseling Center Anne Meade Complete
31 - 32 Health Center Anne Meade Complete
33 Sage Carrie Simmons Complete
34 Family Weekend Anne Meade Complete