Migration Phase 2

Phase 2 includes academic departments (including lab sub-sites) and programs prioritized by site traffic over a 12-month period, and other program recruitment sites.

This phase is complete.

Order Website Name Web Team Contact Status
1 Physics Stephanie DeBoer Complete
2 Psychology Stephanie DeBoer Complete
3 English Anne Meade Complete
4 Philosophy Ken Gornstein Complete
5 Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) Anne Meade Complete
6 Chemistry Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
7 Mathematics Anne Meade Complete
8 - 11 Education Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
12 History Anne Meade Complete
13 Sociology Anne Meade Complete
14 Music Anne Meade Complete
15 Business Anne Meade Complete
16 Politics Anne Meade Complete
17 Economics Stephanie DeBoer Complete
18 - 19 Theater Arts Stephanie DeBoer Complete
20 Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Program Stephanie DeBoer Complete
21 Anthropology Anne Meade Complete
22 Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) Stephanie DeBoer Complete
23 Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Stephanie DeBoer Complete
24 Computer Science Carrie Simmons Complete
25 Fine Arts Stephanie DeBoer Complete
26 International and Global Studies (IGS) Stephanie DeBoer Complete
27 Post-Baccalaureate Premedical Stephanie DeBoer Complete
28 Classical Studies Anne Meade Complete
29 - 33 German, Russian and Asian Languages and Literature Stephanie DeBoer Complete
34 Romance Studies Anne Meade Complete
35 Environmental Studies Ken Gornstein Complete
36 Peace, Conflict and Coexistence Studies Anne Meade Complete
37 Film, Television and Interactive Media Anne Meade Complete
38 American Studies Ken Gornstein Complete
39 Computational Linguistics (Master's) Anne Meade Complete
40 African and African American Studies Stephanie DeBoer Complete
41 Linguistics and Computational Linguistics Anne Meade Complete
42 East Asian Studies Anne Meade Complete
43 Social Justice and Social Policy Anne Meade Complete
44 Legal Studies Allie Morse Complete
45 Quantitative Biology Anne Meade Complete
46 Creativity, the Arts, and Social Transformation (CAST) Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
47 Biological Physics Stephanie DeBoer Complete
48 Journalism Carrie Simmons Complete
49 History of Ideas Ken Gornstein Complete
50 Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Anne Meade Complete
51 Master of Arts Program in Global Studies Stephanie DeBoer Complete
52 South Asian Studies Program Stephanie DeBoer Complete
53 Latin American and Latino Studies Lori Allard Complete
54 Master of Arts Program in Comparative Humanities Stephanie DeBoer Complete
55 Religious Studies Program Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
56 Comparative Literature and Culture Anne Meade Complete
57 Master of Arts Program in Teaching Chinese Stephanie DeBoer Complete
58 European Cultural Studies Stephanie DeBoer Complete
59 Sexuality and Queer Studies Allie Morse Complete
60 Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program Audrey Griffin-Goode Complete
61 Macromolecular Structure and Mechanism Anne Meade Complete
62 Quantitative Biology Research Community (QBReC) Stephanie DeBoer Complete
63 Brandeis Posse Scholars Anne Meade Complete
64 Division of Social Sciences Stephanie DeBoer Complete
65 Division of Creative Arts Anne Meade Complete
66 Biochemistry Anne Meade Complete
67 Division of Humanities Anne Meade Complete