Complaining about a Student

On-Campus Resources

Violence (Physical)

If you are a Brandeis student reporting any act of physical violence:

Call Public Safety
781-736-3333 (emergency)
781-736-5000 (non-emergency)

Informal Resolution Resource: University Ombuds

University Ombuds operates within the Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion and is available to all Brandeis community members. University Ombuds staff are confidential, independent, impartial and informal resources and operate outside of official or sanctioned university processes.

After you call, then what? The Process

For more information about what happens after you file a report, please refer to the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook.

Off-Campus Resources

Massachusetts Commission against Discrimination (MCAD)

One Ashburton Place, Suite 601
Boston, MA 02108
617-994-6196 TTY
617-994-6024 FAX

436 Dwight Street, Room 220
Springfield, MA 01103
413-784-1056 FAX

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

Boston-Area Office
John F. Kennedy Federal Building
475 Government Center
Boston, MA 02203

617-565-3196 FAX
800-669-6820 TTY
844-234-5122 ASL Video Phone