The South Asian Studies Program is the study of the culture, history, politics and literature of South Asia at Brandeis. We have a vibrant community of faculty in the humanities and social sciences, regularly host lectures by some of the most prominent public intellectuals and scholars of South Asia, offer a minor for undergraduates who wish to focus their studies on South Asia and offer undergraduate and graduate fellowships. The minor allows students to take courses in a range of disciplines for a deeper study of the region.

Caste capital and myth of merit: What stops Dalits from accessing western education

person jumping over canyon with briefcase

A new article on caste and access to Western education by anthropology PhD candidate Gowthaman Ranganathan

Featured Speaker

Parmesh Shahani speaking

Parmesh Shahani spoke about his work as founder and head of the award-winning Godrej India Culture Lab on April 11, 2019, in the Mandel Atrium. As the lab’s website explains, it was established in 2011 “as a space for cross-pollination of ideas” to “challenge existing notions of culture and encourage dialogue and experimentation through innovative programming.”