Naresh Fernandes Lecture

Fall 2016 Lecture

“Journalism flows from the barrel of a typewriter: How computers changed the Indian newsroom”

Featuring Naresh Fernandes, founder and editor of

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

In the early 1990s, Indian newsrooms were abuzz with speculation about how exactly the introduction of computers would impact the way journalism was conducted. As it turns out, the new technology became commonplace exactly at the time India embarked upon its economic reform process. The shift from the typewriter to the computer mirrored the changing ideological climate, transforming the news into just another commodity. In his talk, Naresh Fernandes will take stock of how Indian journalism has changed over the past two decades.

About the Speaker

Naresh Fernandes is the founder and editor of, a digital news and culture publication. He is the author of Taj Mahal Foxtrot: The Story of Bombay's Jazz Age and City Adrift: A Short Biography of Bombay.