This compilation gives the specific name of the room, location, capacities, and the most popular uses. Please use this chart as a guide and recognize that some rooms have different availability, uses, and special circumstances for reservation arrangements and limitations. Also be aware that not all the locations are accessible to people with disabilities. 

Shapiro Campus Center

See Space Requests for the appropriate form to use when requesting use of Shapiro Campus Center or the Carl J. Shapiro Theater.

Location Capacity
Atrium, 1st Floor 150
Shapiro Theater, 1st Floor 249
Multipurpose Room, Room 236 80
Function Room 1, Room 315 16
Function Room 2, Room 314 16
Function Room 3, Room 313 24

Other Student Activities Spaces

Cholmondeley's Space Request Form

Game Room Space Request Form

Location Capacity
Cholmondeley's Coffee House 50 (Band/Dance), 48 (Aud. Style), 31 (Standard)
Usdan Game Room 50

Usdan Student Center

This space should be booked through Conference and Events Services

Location Capacity
Alumni Lounge, 2nd Floor 100 (Aud. Style), 72 (Banquet Style)
International Lounge, 1st Floor 120 (Aud. Style), 72 (Banquet Style)
Levin Ballroom, 1st Floor 450 (Aud. Style), 300 (Banquet Style), 750 (Empty)
North/South Mezzanines, 2nd Floor 80 (Aud. Style), 50 (Banquet Style)

Hassenfeld Conference Center

This space should be booked through Conference and Events Services.

Location Capacity
Sherman Function Hall 350 Aud. Style, 240 Banquet Style
Lurias (1, 2, & 3) 30 Aud Style, 16 Conference Style
Levine Ross (1 & 2) 30 Aud Style, 20 Banquet Style
Geller Conference Room 40 Aud Style
Feldberg Lounge 50
The Stein 114

Gosman Sports and Convocation Center

Fill out a facility request form to reserve.

Location Capacity
Multipurpose Room, 3rd Floor 150 Aud Style
Napoli Trophy Room, 3rd Floor 120 Aud Style

Residence Areas

See the Department of Community Living website to view instructions on reserving Residence Hall space. Residence Hall space is booked by the Department Coordinator.

Slosberg Auditorium

The capacity in the Slosberg Music Center auditorium is 240. Contact Deborah Rosenstein (781-736-4867) to book space.

Spingold Theaters

Capacity varies in Spingold, contact Julien Tremblay (781-736-4194) for more information.

Intercultural Center

Reserve space at the ICC

Other Spaces

Other space should be booked through Conference and Events Services.

Location Capacity
Faculty Club Main Dining Room, Faculty Center 140-160 Banquet style
Social Lounge, Faculty Center 50-100
Wasserman Cinema, Sachar/IBS 240
Auditorium, Golding (Rabb Quad) 150
Auditorium, Lown (Rabb Quad) 108
Auditorium, Olin-Sang (Rabb Quad) 250
Lounge, Pearlman 40
Auditorium, Schwartz Tiered seating for 227
Auditorium, Pollack 120
Room 219, Shiffman (Rabb Quad) 100
Classrooms: Lown, Golding, Olin-Sang, Shiffman, Schwartz and Pearlman Varies
Mandel Center 128 and 228 16
Mandel Center 10, 11 and 303 24
Mandel Center 328 20
Mandel 3, Mandel Center 90
Mandel 12, Mandel Center 48
Rapaporte, Goldfarb Library 100