Section 16. Protection of Privacy

16.1. Unauthorized Entry: The privacy of every individual in living accommodations and/or offices must be respected. Malicious or unauthorized entry into rooms, offices, personal files, electronic files (see Sections 10.3. and 16.3.) and drawers or locked spaces, such as lockers, is prohibited.

16.2. Brandeis-Owned or -Operated Space Search Authorization: Except in circumstances as outlined in Section 9.5. authorized entry for the purpose of searching a Brandeis-owned or -operated student-maintained room or space requires advance permission from the SSAO or designee. Each statement of permission to enter shall clearly set forth the purpose and objectives of the search, and shall specify the office(s), room(s), or spaces(s) to be entered. The search shall be limited to the purpose(s), objective(s), and location(s) set forth in the statement of permission. The University official making the search shall show the statement of permission to the occupant at the time of entry or, in the occupant’s absence, shall leave a copy of the statement in the room(s), office(s), or space(s) entered. The entire location set forth in the statement of permission will be searched to ensure no violations are present. Immediately upon conclusion of the search, the official shall prepare and give to or leave for the occupant(s) a receipt for any property seized.

16.3. Health and Safety Inspections: Student residence hall rooms are inspected by members of the Community Living staff periodically during the academic year to evaluate the safety, security, and health conditions of the rooms and to check for illegal possession of University-owned property. These inspections will be conducted by floor, by Section of building, or by building. Public notification of such inspections will be provided at least 24 hours in advance and will specify an estimated date and time of the inspection for a given area. For example, “Inspections in East Quad will take place between November 3rd and November 18th, between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.” A student’s presence in a room is not required for the inspection to take place (see Section 9.4.).

16.4. Student Records: The federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) gives each enrolled student at Brandeis certain rights, including the right of access to the student’s educational records, the right to request amendment of those records where the student believes a record is inaccurate or misleading, and the right to add a statement presenting the student’s view if the records are not amended. A detailed statement of the rights and responsibilities of a student under the Act, the location of all records pertaining to a student, and the procedures for requesting access are contained in the Brandeis University Education Records Policy, which is available from the University Registrar.

Brandeis is required by law to provide statistics and narrative data about certain confidential information; personally identifiable information will be removed from such communications whenever possible.

Note: Any records or other evidence retained by the University may be subject to production by court order.