Center for Teaching and Learning

Graduate Student Teaching Certificate

The CTL is excited to offer a new Teaching Certificate to graduate students who would like to demonstrate their commitment to developing as teachers in higher education.The CTL Teaching Certificate is designed to provide graduate students an opportunity to develop as educators in community with their peers and colleagues.
To complete the Teaching Certificate, graduate students must:
  1. Attend one Graduate Student Pedagogy Seminar or three Graduate Student Workshops;
  2. Either meet with a CTL staff member after they watch you teach a class for a post-classroom visit consultation or visit Marty's class in the Spring and meet with him afterwards to give him feedback.
  3. Write a original syllabus for a class you would like to teach in the future.
  4. Write a teaching statement (2 pg max).
  5. Write a short reflective essay (2 pg max) describing what you've learned from attending the seminar/workshops, classroom observation, and writing your syllabus and teaching statement as you've pursued the Teaching Cerficate.
Completing the CTL Teaching Certificate generally takes 2+ semesters. Requirements may be completed in any order, and are awarded on a rolling basis. There is no deadline for completion. The graduate students who complete a CTL Teaching Certificate each year will be announced at the Celebration of Teaching Day.