Our membership includes all departments within the Division of Science at Brandeis:

Faculty Adviser

Aparna Baskaran
Aparna Baskaran
Associate Professor of Physics
Undergraduate Advising Head
781-736-2866 Abelson 306

Expertise: Condensed matter theory; nonequilibrium statistical mechanics; emergent phenomena such as phase transitions and pattern formation in far-from-equilibrium complex fluids including granular materials, self-propelled particles and other active materials.

Executive Board

Katie kimbrell
Katie Kimbrell
Paradis Lab

About my SCIENCE: I am interested in the molecular mechanisms that underlie learning and memory. I have been using conditioned taste aversion to test whether the activity regulated gene Rem2 is involved in CTA and extinction learning.

Fun Fact: I make large abstract paintings in most of my spare time. I also enjoy trekking around new places, visiting museums (of all sorts), and shopping for exotic food/spices.

Lauren Tereshko, Co-Chair
Lauren Tereshko
Sengupta Lab

About my SCIENCE: I am passionate about molecular neuroscience, and intrigued by the mechanisms regulating the dynamic changes of synapses. I am currently working on a collaborative project between the Sengupta and Turrigiano Labs exploring a potential role for cilia-mediated signaling in developed mammalian neurons.

Why I joined WiSI: I joined WiSI to fight for a better future for women and underrepresented minorities in science. I want to make meaningful changes towards gender equality and workplace safety. I hope to work with the next generation of scientists through outreach projects with local high schools, and want to advocate for underrepresented students in higher ed.

Fun Fact: I love loud and abrasive music.

Jasmine Quynh Le, WISI Executive Board Secretary
Jasmine Quynh Le
Rosbash Lab

About my SCIENCE: I am interested in how biological clocks regulate sleep and how sleep is accounted for. Using fruit flies as a model system, my hope is to use neuroscience and molecular biology to help answer the age-old question: Why do we sleep?

Why I joined WiSI: I joined WiSI to gain a support system of strong, smart women and to be a support system for others. I love mentoring and hope to inspire all people to consider science as a career.

Fun Fact: I love cold weather, especially with snow.

Juliet Bottorff, NE GWiSE Representative
Juliet Bottorff
NE GWiSE Representative
Turrigiano Lab

About my SCIENCE: I am a second year in the Turrigiano lab studying how the brain is able to learn and also stay stable over time. I’m especially interested in the role of sleep and wake states, and the neurons and neuromodulators that regulate them, in these processes. To study this, I chronically record firing rates while tracking behavioral activity in freely moving rats.

Why I joined WiSI: I joined WiSI to empower and encourage the next generation of female scientists. I whole-heartedly believe in the power of passion, support, strength, and mentorship of and for women.

Fun Fact: I used to run NCAA D1 track and cross country and also ran professionally for a while for Adidas.

Alyssa Garcia, Treasurer
Alyssa Garcia

About my SCIENCE: I am a second year graduate student working with Dr. Marcelle Soares-Santos and the Dark Energy Survey (DES). DES is a wide area survey that works to help answer one of the most fundamental questions about our universe: what is the nature of the mysterious dark energy that is accelerating the expansion to our universe? I am particularly interested in using the optical counterparts to gravitational wave events to make an independent measurement of the Hubble Constant, which describes how quickly our universe is expanding.

Why I joined WiSI: I joined WiSI because I am passionate about creating an open and welcoming environment for all and encouraging young women to pursue a career in the sciences. As a minority, I have experienced first hand how beneficial having a group of supportive women can be on new scientists and hope to be a mentor to this new generation of scientists.

Fun Fact: I was involved in musical theater for almost 10 years and I’m always looking for people to go to karaoke with!