Video about The Hague Study Abroad Program at Brandeis University.

Students and professors being interviewed on location in the Hague. Scenery includes river fountains, windmills, town squares and EU government buildings.

Text on video reads: Brandeis in the Hague immerses students in the real work of international law and justice. Guided by Brandeis Faculty in classes and in field visits to international courts and tribunals, students explore and debate issues of global significance.

Richard Gaskins, Proskauer Chair in Social Welfare: The idea is to come to the center of discussion about new ways of dealing with peace and conflict and to bring Brandeis students into the discussion.

Will Guild, class of 2014: The international law system in Den Haag it's kind of a hybrid. So it depends on where the judges are from — there's all sorts of different things so it's kind of a melting pot of love

Geraldine Mand, class of 2012: It’s kind of like being in a laboratory. It’s not just like learning about theories, reading a book, and being in a class. You go there and you see a trial going on and you're like 'whoa, this is real.’

Owen Voelker, class of 2014: We went to the ICTY, the international criminal tribunals of former Yugoslavia, and we actually saw Radovan Karadžić.

Gaskins: Suddenly, when they get to the Hague, it stops being a set of abstract questions.

Diego Medrano, class of 2012: It's framed it pretty differently because you see pragmatically the things that need to change, or the things that can be more effective in the court and aren't currently.

Female student: Right now we're in a two-week summer school at the Grotius Centre in the Hague.

Guild: We were supposed to, you know, cross-examine witnesses and all that kind of stuff and so we actually had like a in-court situation.

Emily Zoller, class of 2014: The main reason we're here is to learn about international law and to actually be here and feel it and be surrounded by it and I feel like the things I've learned here especially at the Grotius Centre — the summer school intensive two weeks we've been doing — have been unbelievable. And you're surrounded by all these people that are international lawyers and work for Human Rights and NGOs and it just feels like you're doing something real and you're learning something that you could apply to make a difference or to make change. And then you're surrounded by canals.

Gaskins: Students live and work part of the time in the nearby city of Leiden, which is a university town.

Guild: We live in Leiden University housing, so I mean like, it's really an international vibe and the social scene just because of the way the housing is set up.

Holler: It’s such a great, great experience and the group is small and tight-knit and we get to hang out and meet other students here (international students), and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


Produced by Rachel Julkowski