Overview of Year and Semester Abroad

Brandeis student with rowers

Dustin Fire '17 joined the rowing team while studying at the University of Oxford for an academic year.

Studying abroad during the academic year for a semester or the full year is an excellent academic opportunity. During the period of a semester or an academic year, you can become comfortable in a new culture, compliment your Brandeis academic experience, and learn many things about yourself.

There are many ways to study abroad, why not spend the year or semester exploring your academics in new ways while still making progress to your Brandeis University degree. Some of these study abroad opportunities include:

Come to a study abroad event, review approved programs, and meet with an advisor to learn more about your options.

Brandeis student while abroad

Student Experience

Rashieda Pugh '16

Major: Biology

Program: IFSA-Butler/ University of Queensland, Fall 2015

"Australia is amazing for science majors, especially Queensland."

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