Studying Abroad

Students Studying Abroad in Fall

This year students participated in room selection to pick their Spring rooms. If you did not select a room in room selection for the spring, you can go to MyHousing to apply.

Spaces will be assigned based on availability and preference information. There will be limited space for students who have not participated in the online room selection process.

Students Studying Abroad in Spring

Students studying abroad for the spring semester and returning to campus in the fall 2020 can participate in room selection online or via proxy. Students can sign up for room selection by applying on MyHousing. Students will then receive their room selection time slot via MyHousing.

Housing Options

The following policies apply to students who are approved to study abroad for any portion of the academic year:

  • The Village and a select number of suites in Ziv are available for students studying abroad in Spring.
  • Students selecting the Village for the fall semester and not studying abroad in the spring will have to change housing for the spring semester.

For more information regarding housing policies or if you have questions, email us at