Who Should Consider This Program?
Spring 2016 Application Deadline
Getting Started
Application Materials
Application Decision Notification

The Office of Study Abroad will administer the on-line application and student selection process in accord with the regular Study Abroad process. There are no pre-requisites for this program in international law or global governance, but students will be able to build on previous study in a wide range of major and minor fields at Brandeis. Any junior or first semester senior Brandeis student will be eligible to participate on this program as long as they are not on judicial or academic probation.

Brandeis students will apply to the program through the Brandeis on-line study abroad application. Brandeis students are not required to submit an additional external application, since this is a Brandeis run program. 

Who should consider this program?

The intended target audience for this program is wide, including juniors and first semester seniors studying across the disciplines with a curiosity in international law. Students with an interest in Legal Studies, International and Global Studies, Social Justice and Social Policy (SJSP), and Politics may be particularly well-suited for this program, though others are encouraged to apply.

Spring 2016 Application Deadlines

The application deadline for Spring 2016 is February 12, 2015 and applications must be submitted on-line by NOON on the stated deadline.

Applications are reviewed on a rolling admissions basis until the closing deadline. Students are encouraged to apply well before the admissions deadline. Qualified applicants will be accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis so applying early is to everyone's advantage. Provided spaces are still available applications will be reviewed up until the published deadline. The Brandeis in The Hague website will contain information in the event that the program reaches student capacity before the admissions deadline.

Getting Started

Before applying to the Brandeis in The Hague program, you will need to follow these steps:

First Steps for Brandeis Students

Follow the steps To Get Started to help you get started and feel free to contact us if any questions come up.

First Steps for Non-Brandeis Students

1. Thoroughly read the Brandeis in The Hague section of our website.

2. Contact the Office of Study Abroad at Brandeis University to express your interest in the program, review program information, and open an application. 

3. Speak with your home institution's study abroad office, academic advisor or dean to discuss your intent for study abroad.

Application Materials

The Brandeis in The Hague Semester Application consists of:

  • Material Submission
    • Passport Copy 
  • Signature Documents:
    • Application Photo Statement
    • Brandeis Programs Statement of Agreement
  • Informal Interview:
    • Students may be contacted to schedule an interview once their application is complete.
Before accessing the online study abroad application, you can begin the process by starting on the following application pieces. 

Application Statement for Brandeis Programs
Your personal statement should include answers to the following questions. You may also wish to refer to the selection criteria before writing your statement. 

In an application essay of 1,000 words, examine why you would like to participate in the Brandeis in The Hague Program. Be sure to address the following points in your response:

• What are your academic and intellectual goals for studying on the Brandeis in The Hague program and how do these goals relate to your overall studies at Brandeis?

• How have you prepared yourself academically for studying on this program?

• What are some specific issues related to international justice that you hope to further explore during the program?

• What do you hope to gain from living and learning in a new global culture and how do you plan to achieve that?

• Describe the challenges you imagine you will face while living and studying in a different culture and give concrete examples of how you will deal with these challenges.

Please upload a pdf of your resume in the online application. The application review committee uses the resume to learn more about you and your experiences, commitments and interests to date. Your resume allows the committee to understand your skills, experiences, and achievements and how they relate to your participation in the Brandeis in The Hague program.

In your resume you should thoughtfully express your leadership, volunteer, research, relevant academic and work experience. Please consult these resume tips from Hiatt Career Center specific to the Brandeis in The Hague application (to be provided shortly). Learn about how to structure and write a resume from Hiatt's online workshop, view samples on their website and access a user-friendly software program, Optimal Resume, to create a clear, professional resume.

Once you've drafted your resume: have it reviewed and approved by the Hiatt Career Center during drop-ins, in an appointment or via HiattChat, prior to submitting it to your application.

Non-Brandeis Applicants: Please feel free to review the Hiatt web materials listed above or alternately you may contact the Career Services office on your home campus.

You must submit one recommendation from a faculty member.  In the online application you can email a request for a faculty member to fill out a recommendation form.  However, since this email is automatically generated through the on-line system, we suggest that you first personally contact your recommender and inform them that they will receive the email request from the Office of Study Abroad.

If you have already requested a letter from a professor, your professor can simply paste that letter into our online recommendation form.  Alternatively, you may have them submit it to our office via Campus Mail or through an email attachment to

Application Decision Notification

The application will be read by the admissions committee within a few weeks of receipt of the complete application. The student will receive an admissions decision soon after the application is reviewed.

To hold a spot on the program, students will be required to declare their intent for participation within ten days of acceptance. More details about what forms to fill out will be available at the time of acceptance.