Students in class at the Grotius Centre

Students on the program will take the following two courses:
IGS/LGLS180a The Spirit of International Law
IGS/LGLS185b Advocacy in the International Criminal Court

The courses will run concurrently for six weeks throughout the summer and students will earn a total of 8 credits.  All academic work will be taught in English and supervised by Professor Richard Gaskins, who will accompany the group and share teaching responsibilities with guest faculty from Leiden University.   Classroom sessions are closely integrated with field visits to courts and tribunals, supplemented by guest lectures.  They prepare students for a series of interactive workshops organized by the Grotius Centre for International Legal Studies, on the Hague campus of Leiden University. 

The two courses were designed by Brandeis faculty in International and Global Studies (IGS) and Legal Studies (LGLS), and were approved for academic credit by the Brandeis University Curriculum Committee.

How the Courses Count for Brandeis Students:

  • Both courses may count as electives towards the International and Global Studies major/minor or the Legal Studies minor
  • Both courses may count towards the International experience requirement for IGS
  • IGS/LGLS185b may substitute for the internship requirement in LGLS
  • The School of Social Science distribution requirement will be met
  • IGS/LGLS180a fulfills the International relations requirement for the Politics major/minor
1. IGS/LGLS180a The Spirit of International Law

Taught in The Hague, this course provides a broad survey of international law—how it aspires to peace, justice, and human rights; and how it meets the hard realities of a complex world. Building on direct contact with international tribunals, the course considers social, cultural, political, and economic factors shaping global justice, along with the impact of legal values on nations, regions, and communities. 4 credits

2. IGS/LGLS185b Advocacy in the International Criminal Court

After setting the historical and critical framework for international criminal law, this course features intensive workshops with advocates and officials of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, in cooperation with Leiden University. Sessions will include moot court exercises and discussions with judges from the major international tribunals. 4 credits


No prior background in international law or global governance is required, but students will be able to build on previous study in a wide range of major and minor fields. Any student will be eligible to participate on this program as long as they are not on judicial or academic probation.

Credit, Course Load, and Transcripts for Brandeis Students

The courses will be a part of a student's formal degree. The course grades will be listed on your Brandeis transcript and will count in your overall GPA. The courses will count as Brandeis credit, and not as transfer credit. Please note that this is a change from previous summers.

Credit, Course Load, and Transcripts for Non-Brandeis Students

Students should speak with their home institution's study abroad office, academic advisor or dean to discuss their intent for study abroad and the transfer of credit process. 

Within two months of the program’s end date, Brandeis University will send a transcript to the student's home address and an official transcript to their home institution. Within the application process, students will be required to fill out a form to facilitate the transfer of credit.