Tips from the Roosevelt Fellows

Think variety
Don't burn out on one subject in your first semester.

It's about time
See how your class schedule fits together with the scheduling tool. Plan your schedule so you're in class at times that work best for you.

Have a back-up
Some classes may be closed. Have back-up classes in case you cant get in to your first choices.

Read up
Some classes post their syllabus in advance, and course evaluations are available for many classes.

Building Your Class Schedule

There are several ways to find classes to take.

Use Class Search in Sage

Use the Schedule of Classes

On the Schedule of Classes page, you will need to choose the term and the subject area in the drop down boxes to view the courses offered in that term. Click on the Course # link to view the description for each class.

Use the Build Your Schedule tool

Brandeis provides a scheduling tool for you to see a model of your class schedule before you enroll.