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Majors Offered at Brandeis

Your major is the subject area which you will study in depth in order to develop expertise and critical thinking skills. Students must complete one major to graduate. Students must declare a major by the end of their sophomore year and no later than the start of their final semester at Brandeis.

In addition to a major, students have the opportunity to select a minor. A minor can be a limited version of a major, a more specialized subset of a particular field of study, or a structured opportunity to explore areas of study that are interdisciplinary in scope. Minors are optional. Satisfactory completion of a minor is noted on a student's transcript.

Majors and Minors offered at Brandeis

Requirements for majors offered by each department and program are listed in the subject area sections of the Bulletin.

Most undergraduate departments and programs offer introductory courses to the major and minor. These courses are appropriate for first-year students and can be a first look for students in becoming major or minor.