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Your First Year

Your first year at a liberal arts university is a chance to explore exciting new subjects and to delve deeper into areas in which you already held an interest in high school. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and enter Brandeis with a spirit of excitement and exploration.

As a first year student, we recommend that you:

  • explore different subject areas that might be new for you

  • take the appropriate introductory courses for the major in your primary area of interest

  • make connections with other students, faculty and staff on campus

  • ask questions in the classroom and outside of the classroom

    During your first year at Brandeis visit with academic advisors, attend a BUGS study session, talk to your Roosevelt Fellow and meet faculty members. We are all here to make your first year of Brandeis interesting and enjoyable.

Welcome Class of 2028!  We look forward to working with you as you begin your academic journey at Brandeis.  We will be communicating with new students regarding course selection in June.  We are happy to provide you with the following resources to support you in the course selection process:

Advising & Course Registration:  A Guide for New Students - now available!
This e-book guide is a valuable resource to familiarize yourself with important information about advising and registration.

Advising & Course Registration:  A Guide for New Students

Advising & Course Registration:  A Guide for New Students (PDF version)
Accessible text of the guide
Accessible list of links within the guide

Group advising sessions (June 24 through July 11):
Join academic advisors and Roosevelt Fellows (peer academic advisors) for community-building, conversation, and guidance. We'll be on hand to answer questions related to academics, course selection, and registration. Sign up for a session at the time/date that works best for you.

Individual advising sessions (June 24 through July 17):
Academic advisors and Roosevelt Fellows (peer academic advisors) are available for 20-minute individual advising sessions for students who still have questions regarding their course schedule for the fall semester.

*We strongly encourage students to read our e-Book guide BEFORE attending a group or individual advising session to give you context about course registration and to come prepared with questions you may have.  If you are having trouble accessing the eBook please contact us at

The Brandeis Core

If you are an undergraduate entering Brandeis in fall 2019 or after, the Brandeis Core will enrich your course of study and the life skills that foster personal and intellectual growth, and career success.

Learn more about the Brandeis Core