IIM Coordinator
Katy McLaughlin

Ndeye Fall '19
IIM: Social Inequality and Global Development

Lily Feinson '19
IIM: Gender and Sexuality Education

Guidelines and Resources

Getting Started

1. Review our list of frequently asked questions.

2. Print and read the IIM checklist.

3. Schedule an appointment with Katy McLaughlin, IIM Coordinator, by calling 781-736-3470. Katy can help guide you through the IIM proposal process from start to finish.

4. Approach faculty members about possibly serving as one of your three IIM advisors. Bring give them a copy of the Memo to Faculty Advisors, which explains the program and the faculty member's responsibilities as an advisor.

Submitting a Proposal

Complete proposals include:
- IIM Application (this includes a cover sheet and your proposed course curriculum)
- a written proposal
- a signed letter of support from your faculty advisors
- a copy of 3-6 comparable program descriptions from other colleges/universities 

Proposals must be submitted to the IIM Coordinator in Academic Services, Usdan 130.

Review Process

IIM proposals are reviewed once each semester by the IIM sub-committee. The IIM sub-committee is made up of four faculty members, one from each of the four schools (Science, Humanities, Social Science, and Creative Arts), the Senior Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences for Undergraduate Education, and the IIM Coordinator in the Office of Academic Services. They meet once a semester to review student’s proposals and make final approvals.  The sub-committee pays careful attention to the interdisciplinary and liberal arts context of the IIM, the coherence of the set of classes, and how the IIM fits into the student's overall academic plan.

Resources for Current IIM Students

IIM Course Revision Form

Making any course changes to your IIM? First, speak with your primary faculty IIM advisor about any course changes or substitutions you plan to make. Then complete the course revision form and submit it to the IIM Coordinator.

Planning for Your Capstone and Graduation