Senior Honors Thesis

A student talks to a professor during a poster presentationThe honors program is a two-semester sequence (ANTH 99a, "Senior Research" in fall, followed by ANTH 99b, "Senior Thesis" in spring) during which select senior anthropology majors carry out independent research and writing of a senior thesis. Only majors in the honors program can graduate with Honors, High Honors or Highest Honors in anthropology.

To earn honors, candidates must complete 10 semester courses toward the anthropology major, including ANTH 99a and ANTH 99b. Completing an honors thesis can be one of the most rewarding undergraduate experiences at Brandeis.

Previous Senior Theses

  • Bridging the Gap: Romantic Couples' Use of Code to Create Meaningful Connections in the Face of Divergent Linguistic Backgrounds - Eliana Cohen
    Readers: Janet McIntosh, Pascal Menoret, Suleyman Dost (NEJS)

  • Germany as a "Melting Pot"?: Conceptions of "Otherness" Over Time - Emma Gutman
    Readers: Sarah Lamb, Janet McIntosh, Sabine Von Mering (GRALL)

  • A Compassionate Death: Palliative Sedation and Analgesia at End of Life in Catholicism - Ariel Lee
    Readers: Pascal Menoret, Elanah Uretsky and Jim Morris (BIO)

  • From Thinking to Giving: Understanding Motivations behind Blood Donation in the Northeast US - Yangzirui Fu
    Readers: Anita Hannig, Elizabeth Ferry, James Morris

  • Imagining Their Place in Global Struggle: Ecologies of Radical Jewish Internationalisms - Guy Mika
    Readers: Elizabeth Ferry, Pascal Menoret, Greg Childs

  • Aging and Contemporary Art: A Narrative Ethnography - Alva Stux
    Readers: Sarah Lamb, Ellen Schattschneider, Judith Eissenberg

  • Bodies Together, Worlds Apart: Success, Suffering and the MidDay Meal - Shane Weitzman
    Readers: Sarah Lamb, Elizabeth Ferry, Harleen Singh

  • Gender In/Equalities in Modern Orthodoxy: Navigating Overlapping Worlds - Kyra Borenstein
    Readers: Sarah Lamb, Janet McIntosh, Ilana Szobel

  • Doctors, Herbs, and Spirits: A Study of Integrative Healing Practices in Uganda - Jacob Elder
    Readers: Anita Hannig, Elizabeth Ferry, Derron Wallace

  • Experiencing Islam: Women's Accounts of Religious Equality and Inequality In Senegal - Nelly Schläfereit
    Readers: Anita Hannig, Janet McIntosh, Kristen Lucken

  • A Little Lhasa in Boston: Constructing a Tibetan Identity in the Diaspora - Mira Smith
    Readers: Jonathan Anjaria, Moises Lino e Silva, Gordie Fellman

  • Encounters with Development: Navigating Universals and Frictions in South Africa and Uganda - Hannah Young
    Readers: Moises Lino e Silva, Janet McIntosh, Wellington Nyangoni

  • Bridging the Urban Village and the Corporate City: The Social Hub of Boston's Food Trucks - Charlotte Erb
    Readers: Jonathan Anjaria, Elizabeth Ferry, Laura Miller

  • Parlando con Rispetto: The Pig as a Model for Maltese Cultural Embarrassment and Personhood - Hannah Loeff
    Readers: Ellen Schattschneider, Elizabeth Ferry, Andrew Koh

  • Affected Perspectives: Cancer, Treatment and the Body - Avital DeSharone
    Readers: Elizabeth Ferry, Anita Hanig, Sarita Bhalotra

  • Making Musical Gestures: Movement, Embodiment, and Social Change at El Sistema, Somerville - Alison Fessler
    Readers: Elizabeth Ferry, Ann Lucas, Marya Levenson

  • Voluntourism: Exploring Ethical Challenges and Critical Tensions Within the Payto-Volunteer Industry - Jessye Kass
    Readers: Janet McIntosh, Elizabeth Ferry, Marion Smiley

  • Gunfire in the Distance: Gangsta Rap and the American Search for Masculinity - Coleman Mahler
    Readers: Ellen Schattschneider, Charles Golden, Chad Williams

  • Immigrant Russian Women in Helsinki: Beyond Stereotyping and Stigmatization - Eve Markvardt
    Readers: Sarah Lamb, Janet McIntosh, Irina Dubinina

  • Vegans in America: A Cultural Study of Food, Identity, and Community - Zoe Novic
    Readers: Jonathan Anjaria , Elizabeth Ferry, Laura Goldin

  • Potent Minds and Sterile Bodies: Desire, Decisions, and Reproductive Agency amongst Surgically Sterilized Low-Income Women in Salvador, Bahia - Leah Smith
    Readers: Elizabeth Ferry, Anita Hannig, Faith Smith

  • Who Drives the Tractor?: How Technology Influences Women's Farms in the Netherlands - Marisa Turesky
    Readers: Ellen Schattschneider, Jonathan Anjaria, Laura Goldin