Student Research Interests

Following is a list of current students and their research areas. Click on a student's name for contact information.

Religious cosmology, evangelical Christianity, modernism and its discontents, scientific and evolutionary discourse, cross-cultural epistemology, and social theory; South Africa

Power and authority, policing, race and ethnicity, surveillance, activism, gender, economic inequality; North America

Literature and its relation to the formation of ethnic identities, the use of pedagogical narratives; US, Israel and Palestine

Multispecies anthropology, wildlife conservation, care, race, touch, cuteness, postcoloniality, chimpanzees, West and Central Africa (Cameroon)

Archaeology, ancient political economies, market and exchange networks, architecture, settlement and landscape archaeology, archaeology of complex societies, GIS, digital modelling; Mesoamerica, Maya

Reproductive, medical, and sociocultural anthropology; the stigma of infertility and its impact on women's gender identity; United States

Cultural history and politics, anthropology of religion and ritual, religious minorities in Iran, psychological anthropology, and ethnomusicology; Iran

Medical and economic anthropology, the anthropology of work, science and technology studies, public engagement with science and technology, citizen science, kinship, digital identity and representation, bioethics, corporate ethics and motivations, biocapital

Archaeology, social interpretation of funerary practice, infant container burials, cultural/archaeological heritage management, gendered interpretation of domestic space and material culture, Mediterranean studies, GIS, historical archaeology, cultural interaction and exchange between Greece and the ancient Near East, the Aegean Bronze and Iron Ages; Israel, Greece

Archaeology, ancient economies, household archaeology, household production, urbanism, ceramic analysis, landscape archaeology, settlement analysis; Mesoamerica, Maya

Medical and economic anthropology, epistemology, causal models, phenomenology, language and power; Denmark

Economic, urban, and environmental anthropology, transportation, anthropology of finance and development, climate finance and green bonds; London, UK; anthropology blog and radio show:

Surrogate industry, conceptualizations of class, gender, and reproduction; contemporary China