BGI Fellowship FAQ

Are international students eligible for fellowships through the BGI? 

Yes.  International undergraduate students from Russian-speaking households who are admitted as first-year students to Brandeis University are eligible for the fellowship.

Are transfer students eligible for fellowships through the BGI? 

Undergraduate students who have completed less than three semesters of course work at another college or university and joined Brandeis by the beginning of their sophomore year are eligible to apply for the fellowship. 

Are BGI fellows eligible for study abroad programs?

Yes. BGI fellows interested in study abroad programs during their junior year at Brandeis will take a leave from the fellowship for the whole academic year, even if their study abroad program is limited to one semester. During the academic year of their study abroad program students will not be receiving the BGI scholarship and will not have to fulfill responsibilities associated with the fellowship, but will be welcome to participate in the BGI academic and cultural events.

The fellows will resume their full participation in the fellowship during their senior year at Brandeis and will be awarded the scholarship for the full academic year.

Do recipients have to have been born in Russia or other parts of the former Soviet Union to be eligible for a fellowship? 

No. We anticipate that many BGI participants will have been born in the U.S. or other countries to parents who emigrated from the former Soviet Union.

How much financial support does the BGI fellowship offer? 

The BGI undergraduate fellowship is a two-year program and offers a $5,000 scholarship per year. Please consult with your financial aid advisor in the Office of Student Financial Services to find out how this award may affect your current financial aid package.

Are there other Russian-speaking undergraduate students on the Brandeis campus? 

Russian-speaking students, many of them Jewish, are already attending Brandeis University in significant numbers.

These students, numbering more than 200, are studying in a variety of fields, and are active in the University's Russian Club. Applicants who wish to sit in on a class geared for Russian speakers should contact the BGI Program Office.

What activities do undergraduate BGI fellows participate in? 

In addition to their studies, fellows join together for special activities related to Jewish engagement. These include intellectual and cultural programs, mentoring, individual projects, retreats, group activities, and international travel opportunities. Fellows have the option of participating in Jewish religious life on campus, but this is not a formal part of the program. Check out our list of past and upcoming events.

My question isn't answered here. How can I find out more information? 

For more information, contact BGI Program Administrator at (781) 736-8410 or