Fall 2019 Courses

Faculty at Brandeis teach a range of courses on Israel Studies across several Brandeis departments. For the most up-to-date information, view the registrar's page

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Israel Studies Courses, Fall 2019

ECON 122B — The Economics of the Middle East

Nader Habibi – Economics

Prerequisite: ECON 2a or 10a or the equivalent. Does not count toward the upper-level elective requirement for the major in economics.

Examines the Middle East economies – past experiences, present situation, and future challenges – drawing on theories, policy formulations and empirical studies of economic growth, trade, poverty, income distribution, labor markets, finance and banking, government reforms, globalization, and Arab-Israeli political economy. Usually offered every year.

HBRW 34A — Intermediate Hebrew II: Aspects of Israeli Culture

Guy Antebi – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Any 20-level Hebrew course or the equivalent as determined by placement examination. Four class hours and one lab hour per week.

A continuation of HBRW 20b. An intermediate- to mid-level course that helps students strengthen their skills at this level. Contemporary cultural aspects will be stressed and a variety of materials will be used. Usually offered every semester.

HBRW 44B — Advanced Intermediate Hebrew: Israeli Culture and Media

Guy Antebi – Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Any 30-level Hebrew course or the equivalent. Four class hours per week.

Reinforces the acquired skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing at the intermediate to mid/high level. Contemporary cultural aspects are stressed; conversational Hebrew and reading of selections from modern literature, political essays, and newspaper articles. Usually offered every semester.

HRNS 350A — Myra Kraft Seminar in Israel

Janet K. AronsonHornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program

Required core course for all Hornstein students. Yields half-course credit.

An intensive examination of contemporary issues in Israeli society and its relationship with Diaspora communities. Course begins with on-campus sessions and culminates in Israel. Usually offered every year.

NEJS 145A — History of the State of Israel

Alexander Kaye – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Examines the development of the State of Israel from its foundation to the present time. Israel's politics, society, and culture will be thematically analyzed. Usually offered every year.
NEJS 171A — Teaching and Learning Modern Jewish History, the Holocaust, and Israel

Jonathan B. Krasner – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Examines why we teach history, how students learn history, the uses of public history, and what history means within a Jewish context. Special emphasis is placed on teaching with primary sources, digital resources, and oral history. Includes an oral history project in cooperation with the Jewish Women's Archive and Keshet (a Jewish LGBTQ organization), and an introduction to Holocaust education with Facing History and Ourselves. Usually offered every third year.

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