Spring 2019 Courses

Faculty at Brandeis teach a range of courses on Israel Studies across several Brandeis departments. For the most up-to-date information, view the registrar's page

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Israel Studies Courses, Spring 2019

HBRW 34A — Intermediate Hebrew II: Aspects of Israeli Culture

Guy Antebi, Esther Shorr – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Any 20-level Hebrew course or the equivalent as determined by placement examination. Four class hours and one lab hour per week.

A continuation of HBRW 20b. An intermediate- to mid-level course that helps students strengthen their skills at this level. Contemporary cultural aspects will be stressed and a variety of materials will be used. Usually offered every semester.

HBRW 44B — Advanced Intermediate Hebrew: Israeli Culture and Media

Guy Antebi – Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Any 30-level Hebrew course or the equivalent. Four class hours per week.

Reinforces the acquired skills of speaking, listening comprehension, reading, and writing at the intermediate to mid/high level. Contemporary cultural aspects are stressed; conversational Hebrew and reading of selections from modern literature, political essays, and newspaper articles. Usually offered every semester.r.

HBRW 124A — Hebrew for Business, Doing Business in Start-Up Nation

Sara Hascal – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Four semesters of Hebrew or permission of the instructor. Does not meet the requirement in the school of humanities.

Provides students with tools and competence to deal with the Israeli business community. Intended for intermediate to advanced Hebrew students who wish to gain business language and cultural skills. Usually offered every year.

HBRW 161B — What's Up?: Hebrew through Israeli News Media

Aliza Brosh – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Prerequisite: Any 30-level Hebrew course or permission of the instructor. 

For advanced students who wish to enhance proficiency and accuracy in writing and speaking. Israeli newspapers, films, clips from Israeli TV series and shows, and on-line resources will be used to promote language and cultural competency. Usually offered every spring.

NEJS 154B — Zionism, Israel, and the Reshaping of Jewish Identity

Yehudah Mirsky – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Explores the relations between pluralism, religious resurgence, secularism and democracy in our time through readings in history, literature, philosophy, sociology, theology and law. Focuses on one fascinating, contentious and deeply consequential place: The State of Israel. Usually offered every second year.

NEJS 178A — Love, Sex, and Power in Israeli Culture

Ilana Szobel - Near Eastern and Judaic Studies

Taught in Hebrew. May be repeated for credit.

Explores questions of romance, gender, marriage, and jealousy in the Israeli context by offering a feminist and psychoanalytic reading of Hebrew texts, works of art, and film. Usually offered every third year.

NEJS 184B — Disability Cultures: Art, Film and Literature of People with Disabilities

Ilana Szobel – Near Eastern & Judaic Studies

Explores cultural representations of disability in Israel, Europe, and the US. By focusing on literature, film, dance, and visual art, it explores physical, mental, and emotional disability experiences, and their relations to gender, sexuality, nationalism, and identity politics. Usually offered every second year.

POL 170A — Arms Control in the Middle East and Asia

Gary Samore – Politics

Explores and analyzes the theories behind, dynamics within, and problems encountered with arms control as part of regional security in the Middle East and Asia, with emphasis on the nuclear weapons programs of Israel, Iran, India, Pakistan and North Korea. Usually offered every year.

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