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The Schusterman Center develops academic workshops on Israeli history, politics, culture, and society. The goal is to create a growing corps of Israel-literate educators, community leaders and university faculty who will enrich public discourse about Israel. 

We invite you to collaborate with us on developing a workshop for your own organization. Below is more information on potential content, presenters, and schedules based on what has been done in the past.

Each year since 2004, Brandeis University and the Schusterman Center for Israel Studies have run a highly successful Summer Institute for Israel Studies, preparing higher-education faculty to develop and teach their own courses on the modern state of Israel. Our customized workshops on Israel studies are able to draw on the Summer Institute's model and resources in order to connect workshop participants with top scholars, the latest research, and breadth and depth in academic sources around modern Israel.

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The Formation of New Jewish Communities: The 4th Biennial Graduate Student Workshop

January 19-20, 2020

A two-day workshop for graduate students who have achieved candidacy and are writing a dissertation in modern Jewish Studies. Applicants must have a dissertation chapter ready to share by January 2020. This workshop is designed to give advanced graduate students in modern Jewish history a space to discuss their work, explore pedagogy and professionalization, and create an intellectual community. Participants will read and discuss a dissertation chapter with an opportunity for feedback from their peers and facilitators. There will also be sessions on archives, publishing, and the job market. There will be two renowned scholars facilitating the workshop: Jonathan D. Sarna, University Professor and Joseph H. & Belle R. Braun Professor of American Jewish History, Brandeis University and Yael Zerubavel, Professor of Jewish Studies and History, Emerita, Rutgers University. Learn more.


Teaching Israel with Impact

May 7, 2019

A one-day workshop for doctoral students, post-doctorates, and faculty in the Boston area who teach, or plan to teach, Israel-related topics. Renowned educator Dr. Erika Falk conducted the workshop. Dr. Falk is the program director of the Israel Institute, an academic organization dedicated to promoting teaching and research about modern Israel. Learn more

“In a world in which ideas are often truncated to 140 characters, our approach is countercultural: We are asking what it means to be literate about Israel in the 21st century. To answer that requires that we transmit complex ideas in an accessible manner...”

Rachel Fish, PhD '13