Julia Livit

Word came out about this event in January and I was extremely excited from the start. I was youtube-ing Russian music all the time and thinking of what I could possibly do. All I knew was that I wanted to be very involved in this occasion. The next step was to find people who would be willing to participate. After a lot of convincing, the group consisted of Annie Livit, Renata Ivanov, Lev Gorfinkel, Eli Tukachinsky, Mike Gurevich, and myself.

My group chose the song "Ne Para" by Nastya Kamenskih and Potap. Our next big issue was to decide what to do with three guys and three girls. Immediately, we all thought of a skit. We decided not to choreograph most of the parts and just see what would happen when we interacted with each other. It turned out that we worked really well together! However, the music had a segment where it was necessary to have a little dance put in, so the real work began. The girls' job was to be outwardly sexy, while the guys had to embody Russian gangster-rappers. The overall performance and event was a big success, and we all tremendously enjoyed performing on behalf of Brandeis' Russian community. I know all the effort we put in was worthwhile because every time I think back to the event, I just cannot stop smiling!


Annie Livit

For the International Women's Day Celebration event, I was able to work behind the scenes in publicity, as well as participate in the program. My job as a publicity coordinator was to publicize this event to the entire Brandeis community by effectively utilizing flyers, banners, Facebook events, and other means of communication. These measures proved to be very successful because many people showed up, making the event an enormous success.

In addition to being in the audience to support my peers, I participated in a Russian rap song by Potap and Nastya Kamenskih. Six people from my Russian for Russians class performed in this rap skit, and we all had to memorize the lyrics. After listening to the song a few times, we all fell in love with it, making it easier to remember. Every night before going to sleep, some of us would get together and sing it so that it would stick in our heads. This was a great experience for me because I have never sung a Russian rap song before, especially with my Russian friends.  When getting together to practice, I remember more laughter than serious rehearsal time. We encouraged each other to do more risqué dance moves and to improvise new ideas. Another part of practice that I loved was that we all spoke mainly Russian to each other. This is very rare among heritage speakers, so I enjoyed it that much more.

When actually performing our skit at the event, I felt very comfortable in front of the audience. I was especially happy that our skit put smiles on people's faces and made them laugh. I was also very excited to be a part of something that I can now look back to with a lot of pride. Like most Russians in the U.S., I want to be involved in a greater part of my culture and background. This popular holiday is always an enjoyable and magical celebration, and this year especially, because there was nothing better than seeing my peers express their many talents and get recognized for it.

International Women's Day Celebration and Adamov Fund Benefit

Wednesday, March 10International Womens Day
6:30 - 8  pm -  dinner
6:45 pm - concert,
ICC Lounge - East Quad

International Women's Day is one of the largest holidays in Russia (second in popularity after New Year); it celebrates women, their struggle for economic and political rights, their femininity and their achievements.  The Adamov Fund is a local grass-roots organization dedicated to helping young talented blind people in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Students who study, have studied or already speak Russian will show their talent.  The program includes popular songs, classical music, skits and poetry reading.  Come and enjoy this "Russian talent" while at the same time supporting a great cause!

Sponsored by the Russian Department and Russian Club at Brandeis University.

View the Event Program

Pictures and Videos from the Event

Песня «Песня о друге» (муз. и слова Владимира Высоцкого)
Song “Song About A Friend” by Vladimir Vysotsky
Julian Olidort


Музыкальная сценка «Не пара» (песня Насти Каменских и Потапа)
Musical skit “He Is No Match For Her” by Potap ft. Nastya Kamensikh:
Renata Ivanov, Annie Livit, Julia Livit, Lev Gorfinkel, Eli Tukachinsky, and Mike Gurevich

Para Ne Para

Para Ne Para 2

Стихи известных поэтов
Poetry recitation of famous poets
Students of Russian 20 and 40


Песня «Как ты выглядишь сегодня» как пел Фрэнк Синатра (муз. Джерома Керна; слова Дороти Филдз)
Song “The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra (Lyrics: Jerome Kern; Music: Dorothy Fields)
Yakov Israel

Frank Sinatra

Julia Rabkin and the Adamov Fund

Julia-Adamov Fund



Песня «Непогода» из фильма «Мэри Поппинс, до свидания!» (муз. Дунаевского М; слова Олева Н.)
Song “Bad Weather” from the movie “Mary Poppins, Goodbye!” (Music: Dunaevsky M; Lyrics: Oleva H.)
George Falk, Matt Kupfer, Rebecca Cohn, Emily Canning

Songs Performed

Songs Performed2

Sonata for Flute, Violin, and Piano by Bohuslav Martinů
Sandhya Narayanan, Phoebe Sanderback and Keriann Shalvoy


Народный танец
Russian Folk Dance
Performed by: Sonya Entova ‟13, Kseniya Khmara ‟10, Anna Korkhin ‟10, Julia Livit ‟13, Anastasia Novozhilova ‟11, Julia Rabkin ‟11, Anna Umanskaya „10

Women Dancers

Women Dancers2

Women Dancers3

Песня «Разговор со счастьем» (слова: Дербенев Л; музыкa: Зацепин А.) из фильма «Иван Васильевич меняет профессию»
Song “Conversation with Happiness” (Lyrics: L. Derbenyov; Music: A. Zatsepin) from the movie “Ivan Vasilievich Changes Occupation”
Russian 20 and Russian for Russians Choir