Yigal Kotler

Russian Jewry: On Crossroads of Times and Civilizations

Presented by Yigal Kotler, Ed.D. Candidate, Jewish Theological Seminary of America

Wednesday, October 26 @ 7.00 pm
Heller, Room G2

Yigal Kotler

Grounding on a variety of sources from history and a socio-cultural anthropology, using unique documents, video fragments and private interviews, in a form of a dialog, polemics and even role playing games we analyzed the inner world of Russian Jews, especially during the crucial period of the last few decades, when geopolitical changes, cultural shifts and geographical relocations dramatically changed the fate of Russian Jewry.  We learned about tragedies, unbelievable successes, compromises, myths and illusions of Russian Jews.  We heard the voices of prominent and unknown people, participate in ideological battles and underground meetings of Jewish activists. We visited the traditional kitchen of typical Soviet Jewish “intelligents” and took part in their hottest discussions.

We asked ourselves the following questions: Is there any future for this community? Are their unique cultural achievements, ways of life and moral values still relevant? Do we need these traditions today, especially in the United States? How can Russian Jews enrich the American Jewish society?

Yigal Kotler, a native of Odessa (Ukraine), studied at the Odessa State University....Read More

This event was presented by the Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry.