Lost & Found  Project presents an experimental, interactive play that explores the Russian-Jewish immigrant experience through a series snapshots and a dialogue betweet the past and the present.

December, 8 2012
One of the major cultural events on campus in December was the Lost & Found Project performing “Doroga.” The talented troupe of young Jewish actors from NewYork gave a one night performance in Shapiro Theater. Some of them came to United Stated with their parents from former Soviet Republics, some were born in US. Whatdefines this young theatre group is Russian roots, Russian language spoken at home,and a mix of Russian and Jewish cultures.

Doroga in Russian means “journey.” One will say that our entire life is a journey, sothis show is about life. Others will take it more specifically – the journey from oneworld to another, from dictatorship to a freeDoroga - Afisha country. This way or another, “Doroga”showed, through the use of vignettes, that this journey has not only physicalmeaning that is limited in time, but more of a spiritual, psychological aspect, thatmay never end… One day, when things look settled, and nothing promises a storm,a small little thing like a bride’s veil seen in a second-hand store window, wakesup old characters, old smells, old stories… Different memories come to life. And ina moment nothing is left from the peaceful mood. Young people on the stage askthemselves: Who are we? Where are we from? Why are we standing in the middle ofManhattan, when our roots are not here, our history is not here? These virtual, butfor some reason suddenly extremely important things, are hidden in some Russiancity, in the middle of nowhere… And here you go: you quit your job, leave your longtime girlfriend, get a one way ticket, and go find this annoying thing, that doesn’tlet you sleep at night. You want to discover yourself… You need to understand yourpast before you can move forward……

The Shapiro Theater was sold out an hour before the show. Those who didn’t get aticket refused to leave, and were ready to sit on the stairs. Expectations were huge,but the show exceeded them all. The subject of immigration is close to the heartsof many Americans. This experience is not only Russian and not only Jewish. It is universal.