How Do You Jew?

Explore what it means to be Jewish through the eyes of the Russian-speaking American college students.

Special Guest Star: Yuri Foreman, world Boxing Champion a.k.a. the Fighting Rabbi. 

December, 10
Even the winter storm Nemo could not win a fight against Yuri Foreman. This is not surprising: Yuri is the World Boxing Association Champion! Yuri Foreman is not only an extraordinary sportsmen, he is also a versatile person. Besides his prowess in the ring, he is also one month away from becoming a rabbi! 

While waiting for Yuri we had a very interesting discussion about Russian-Jewish identity, how it influences our choices of our friends and our partners, how important our parents' opinions about these choices are to us, and many more fascinating topics. The discussion around the tables was very energetic. It became clear that this is a very hot subject among the students.Yuri Foreman

It wasn't clear if Yuri would make it to Boston through the snow-covered highways. It took him about 6 hours to get to Boston to meet our Brandeis and Northeastern Russian speaking students. Regardless, we eagerly waited, and our patience was rewarded! Yuri spoke about his childhood years, what lead him to boxing, how  it felt to be a Jewish boy in the Soviet Union, and about his fascinating sports career but, most importantly, what does it take to become a winner. He made his point: this is not only about sport. Winning is about life, self confidence,  not giving up, and about being proud of who we are. Yuri's amazing sense of humor made the entire event very emotional and entertaining, and we left home with a lot to think about.