Concluding Seminars of the Global Teen Fellowship 2014 took place in Washington, DC and Israel

April was a month of conclusion, goodbyes and celebration. The 1st cohort of the Global Teen Fellowship has completed the fellowship and participants gathered to celebrate their accomplishments and reflect on their journeys.  

As part of this year-long program that included online workshops and weekend retreats, fellows not only explored their identity and strengthen their Jewish knowledge, but also identified social causes they are passionate about and developing projects that address them. From volunteering with the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty and Jewish Family and Children Services to providing direct assistance to Holocaust survivors, fellows implemented projects that had a direct impact on their local Jewish communities and became empowered and inspired to take on more leadership roles in the future.

In April, fellows from North America took part in a concluding seminar in Washington DC.  Throughout the weekend fellows met with Jewish leaders and community activists, toured the city and engaged in thought-provoking discussions. Meeting with representatives from Hillel International prompted the fellows to think about their role as future leaders on college campuses. The conversation with Lesley Weiss, Deputy Director of NCSJ, truly inspired the fellows as they learned about the significant impact of the organization’s activities on the lives of Jews living in the countries of the former Soviet Union. 

Fellows from Israel, Germany and the former Soviet Union gathered in Zichron Yaakov, Israel for their concluding seminar. Participants toured the city of Zichron learning about the admirable activism of the pioneers that establish the city at the end of the 19th century.  Fellows also learned about the unique character of the city of Haifa where the values of pluralism and co-existence are implemented to their core.  Finally, fellows got the opportunity to meet with young entrepreneurs, learn about social entrepreneurship and what it takes to start a social enterprise.

Both seminars were the culminating experience of a year-long process. Fellows shared their experiences collaborating with local Jewish organizations and implementing a meaningful project in their community. It was a celebration of a meaningful journey, one that most definitely left its mark on the fellows!