Tikkum Olam (Mitsvah Day) Reflections

Rosie's Place

"Rosie's Place was homey, pleasant and that staff was so good at what they do that the day went off without a hitch. Everyone participated in everything, and interacting with the ladies who came in was a wonderful experience." Esther Tandetnik '13

"Rosie's place was a very fulfilling experience. We got to see around 80 women be given a full and filling meals and it was nice to be a part of it." Allan Volf '15

"Rosie's place was the perfect place to feel a sense of Tikun Olam. We not only served food to women in need, but we prepared it in a home-style kitchen with lots of love and laughs. I would definitely do it again."  Karina Gaft '14

"Rosie's Place was an incredible experience. It was great to see what the center does and the different ways to be involved. It's a great inspiration meeting some of the ladies and women involved with the center and to see all the opportunity to help out."  Nera Lerner '12

Family Table

"Volunteering at Family Table was a bonding experience for the fellows as well as an opportunity to help those in need. It was such a euphoric feeling to make others feel just a little bit better." Liz Zharovsky '15

"I greatly enjoyed helping to deliver food to families during the Purim holiday. Having volunteers from BGI deliver food to other Russian Jewish families’ shows that we care and are there for each other when we need it." Julia Livit '13

"I enjoyed volunteering at the Family Table because I got to experience the process of how Jewish people around the community come together to help other Jewish people who are less fortunate. Being active in this process made the volunteering enjoyable and successful." Annie Livit '13

"Having the opportunity to volunteer at family table was especially rewarding. I really enjoyed being able to share the experience with friends as well as know that I had an impact on the surrounding Jewish community." Noah Aschen '13

Tikkun Olam

BGI Fellows Dina Kapengut ’14 and Victor Zhivich ’13 organized a Mitzvah Day on Sunday, March 24, 2012.  They were joined by BGI fellows and friends for a day of volunteering and community service at the women's shelter Rosie's Place and at the JF&CS Kosher food pantry Family Table.

Dina Kapengut '14 reflects on organizing and participating in the volunteering day: "Organizing and participating in the Tikkun Olam project was an unbelievably inspiring experience. I was amazed at the attention, enthusiasm and care with which my fellow volunteers approached the poor and displaced women and children. I found these interactions to be both rewarding and eye-opening as many of us left Rosie’s place with an unspoken understanding to not take what we have in our lives for granted. My experience at Rosie’s Place fueled my passion to continue giving back to the community and to further serve the shelter as a regular volunteer. This project illustrated how large of an impact a small group of college students can have when giving back to those in the community who need it most."

Rosie's Place - Since 1974 poor and homeless women have found an oasis of hope and nourishment at Rosie’s Place. The mission of Rosie’s Place is to help women maintain their dignity, seek opportunity, and find security in their lives.

Roslie's Place Volunteers

Hannah Cohen '14, Krista Giuntoli '14, Allan Volf '15, Karina Gaft '14, Dina Kapengut '14, Esther Tandetnik '13, Nera Lerner '12, and Seth Lawrence '13

Victor Zhivich '13 reflects on organizing and participating in the volunteering day: "It's hard to summarize what the experience meant for me. There were simply so many feelings and emotions associated with the project. However, one feeling stood out over all others: wonder.  I was simply amazed at the number of volunteers at the Family Table. There was a crowd of people that was taking time out of their day simply to give back to families who were less fortunate. It was so amazing to see that in a time of economic difficulties, there were still so many who work tirelessly to give back to those in need. It really showed me how much we can accomplish and how important it is to give back to your community."

Family Table - JF&CS-Family Table, the largest kosher food pantry in New England, provides healthy food on a monthly and emergency basis to individuals and families in need.

Family Table Volunteers

Annie Livit '13, Liz Zharovsky '15, Victor Zhivich '13, Julia Zaltsman '15, Noah Aschen '13, Daniel Koch 13, Julia Livit '13