Sino-Judaic Connection

As part of the BGI Community Outreach Project, Fellows Fred Rozenshteyn ’13 and Eleazar Jacobs ’13 organized a Sino-Judaic symposium on Monday, March 26, 2012 with Special Guest Speaker ProfessorSylvia Fishman, Near Eastern and Judaic Studies Chair.


The symposium was presented as an outreach event designed to foster and improve ties between the greater Jewish and Asian-American communities. This event was intended focus was on raising awareness and mutual respect/cooperation between these two American (ancient civilizations) minorities that exert a disproportionate influence on American society and culture.

The purpose for this event was to help bridge the gap between two groups at Brandeis (Jewish and Chinese) and to created dialogue between the Judaic and Chinese organizations with no previous ties to one another. It served to both educate and inform the audience about not only the strengths and accomplishments of both groups, but of their challenges as well.