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The Jewish Advocate article - Tales of love and war...Read More

Oral History

Personal reflections by BGI Fellow Eleazar Jacobs.  

As undergraduate fellows of the Brandeis-Genesis Institute for Russian Jewry, we hold a commitment to the preservation and continuation of the Russian Jewish culture.

One of the best ways to understand a culture is through its history, and history is best understood through the experiences and accounts of those individuals who have lived through it themselves.  We are the generation that is fortunate enough to hear witness accounts of life in the Soviet Union from former Soviet Jews themselves...Read More

group photo

Left to right: This scrapbook is a product of creativity and dedication of Dina Kapengut, Alexandra Dashevskaya - Manager, Bilingual Services Program (HRC), Avraham (Eli) Tukachinsky, Professor Irina Dubinina, Karina Gaft, Julia Rabkin.

Oral History

The 4th volume of Individual Lives, Common Story is published

Students of the experiential learning practicum supported by BGI published the 4th volume of Individual Lives, Common Story, a collection of life stories and memories of Russian-speaking Jewish immigrants about the Great Patriotic War, Jewish life in the Soviet Union and immigration to the United States.

The pdf version of the book in English can be accessed here.

For Russian edition click here