In 2015, BGI awarded 8 grants to support research projects in the field of Russian Jewish experience.

Eight grants were awarded to support research projects by scholars from North America, Israel, Europe and the former Soviet Union. The grants were awarded to junior and senior faculty as well as graduate students. The list of grantees includes:

Maya Balakirsky Katz, Touro College, USA. Drawing the Iron Curtain: Jews and the Golden Age of Soviet Animation

Mikhail Krutikov, University of Michigan, USA. Reading Jewish Space in Russian and Yiddish Literature

Ekaterina Norkina, Petersburg Institute for the Jewish studies, Russia. Jewish communal life in the Russian province at the end of the XIX-the beginning of the XXth centuries (the example of the Caucasus)

Sasha Senderovich,University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. Seekers of Happiness: Mobility and the Creation of the Soviet Jew, 1917-1939

Natasha Zaretsky, Rutgers University, USA. Post-Soviet Jews: Belonging, Postmemory and Conmmunity in New York

Sarah Garibova, University of Michigan, USA. Memories for a Blessing: Jewish Mourning Practices, Commemorative Activities, and Attitudes toward Death in Postwar Belarus and Ukraine, 1945-1991

Alex Moshkin, University of Pennsylvania, USA. Palimpsests of the Private: the Emergence of Russian-Jewish Idenity in Russian-Israeli Memoirs (1970-2014)

Alexander Valdman, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. The Diary of Yonah Berkhin: a Scientific Edition