A Night for Sderot

BGI Fellows Raise Funds for the Children of Sderot in Israel

On March 24th, 2012, BGI hosted a fundraising event for the Children of Sderot, a project of the Russian Jewish Community Foundation (RJCF). The event was organized by BGI fellows - Karina Gaft ‘ 14 and Lev Gorfinkel ’13.

The idea had come to Karina at the end of her freshman year when a childhood friend and one of the young leaders of RJCF, Alina Sapozhnikova called to ask if Karina could help organize a fundraising event for the Children of Sderot project. As part of this project, RJCF organizes a summer camp for the young residents of Sderot, a small Israeli town on the border with the Gaza strip. This project offers the participants a much-needed opportunity to spend a summer in a safe environment while offering great learning and recreational opportunities.

To promote the RJCF’s initiative Karina and Lev decided to bring the cause to Brandeis by holding a semi-formal benefit event - “Help Us Help Them”. The fundraising event incorporated a short report about Sderot, its residents and their challenging lives.  The goal of this event was to bring awareness about the Children of Sderot to the Brandeis community and at the same time raise enough funds so that one child’s tuition would be covered in summer 2012. 

With the help of BGI resources and strong connections to their fellow Brandeis peers, they were able to put together an amazing and meaningful event for Brandeis students, which featured the talented musical group Voices of Manginah, The Brandeis University’s Jewish acapella group, performances by the exciting Brandeis Belly dancing Club, and the talented Brandeis Salseros dancers, as well as the musical styling’s of Bentley University’s DJ Belo. The evening was filled with music, performances, speeches, dancing, good food and plenty of fun, but most importantly raised enough money for at least one child to attend the camp this year.