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Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine, 2012

Moscow, Russia, 2011
(From The Jewish Daily Forward)

Hornstein Students Visit Jewish Communities in Ukraine

In February 2013 six students from the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership program traveled to Ukraine with a goal of understanding the differences in ways the Ukrainian and American Jewish communities are organized and learn the role that history plays in creating these differences. The trip was jointly planned with the Brandeis-Genesis Institute and made possible by generous funding from the Genesis Philanthropy Group.

According to Ellen Smith, Director of the Hornstein program, the impact of this trip on students (both Russian- and non-Russian-speakers) and faculty resounds every day in our classrooms, in our conversations, and in the way everyone associated with Hornstein defines "the Jewish community" and "world Jewry."

Reflecting on the trip Matt Brown ’13 notes “In our final semester of the Hornstein Jewish Professional Leadership Program, the opportunity for exposure to a vital segment of the global Jewish community brought together our classroom learning, our professional goals, and a deepened appreciation for the truly global nature of our Jewish communities. From meeting leaders who weathered the transition from Communism, to young adults and students learning what it means to be Jewish today, each individual and group brought us valuable perspectives for our careers in the U.S. and Israel.”