Research Grants

Building the future leadership of the Jewish community among Russian speakers rests on developing a broad knowledge base.

Brandeis is in an exceptionally strong position to construct and disseminate this base of knowledge, building on its tradition of excellence in Jewish studies, the study of Eastern Europe, and research into contemporary Jewish life.

The Brandeis-Genesis Institute awards grants to support research projects in multiple disciplines on Russian Jewish experience. These research projects may come from various disciplines, including but not limited to sociology, linguistics, history, arts, psychology, education and religion. Eligible research projects may cover various time periods — from Imperial Russia and Soviet era to Post-soviet contemporary period. The geographic regions researched may range from the Former Soviet Union to United States and Canada, Israel, Germany, Australia and other regions. The grants are funded by the Genesis Philanthropy Group.

The Brandeis-Genesis Institute offers two types of research grants:

Faculty Research Grants

Graduate Research Grants