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Refer to the Bulletin's "anthropology" section for the most up-to-date information on requirements for the major, minor and for course descriptions. Visit the Course Schedule for the anthropology department's latest course offerings.

Ready to declare a Major in Anthropology?

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Anthropology Major/Minor


"May the Earth Be Under Your Feet" by Victor Ekpuk

The Department of Anthropology offers a wide range of courses covering the discipline's four major subfields:

  • sociocultural anthropology
  • linguistic anthropology
  • physical anthropology
  • archaeology

The major is structured to provide an introduction to the concepts, methodologies, and theoretical issues of anthropology, while permitting each student sufficient latitude to pursue his or her own special interests.

Students who wish to major or minor in anthropology should see Pascal Menoret, our Undergraduate Advising Head, who will discuss specific interests and assign an adviser. This consultation is especially important for those interested in a particular subfield.

ANTH 1a and ANTH 5a should be taken early in a student's academic career. Majors are encouraged to consider applying for the senior honor thesis program, particularly those students considering graduate study in anthropology or other professional training.