Students painting in studio art class

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FA15a Intermediate Printmaking
Seeks to develop a contemporary attitude toward printmaking. Familiarizes the intermediate printmaker with a range of printmaking techniques, such as intaglio, collagraph, relief, and lithography. Traditional and digital techniques are discussed.

FA58a Modern Sculpture as Public Art
Studies sculpture, structure, site: three-dimensional art in the public realm. This course charts the development of sculpture in 19th century practice to 20th century abstraction; considers the rise of installation art, with attention to monuments and memorials of contemporary times.

FA104b Advanced Drawing II
Offers a wide range of experience in drawing. Perceptual and conceptual issues will be pursued, and students will be encouraged to concentrate on the more complex personal and creative aspects of drawing.

FA180a Contemporary Architecture
This class provides a survey of architecture from 1945 to the present. It will address the many responses to Modernism during this period by investigating different topics that influence the creation of architecture today. These include new technologies, critical theory and philosophy, and new understandings of creativity, ecology, psychology, and subjectivity. In each instance, buildings presented will be placed within their social, economic, and political contexts. The goal of this course is for students to understand the complex influences on architecture and the means through which contemporary architectural creation occurs.

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

The Department of Fine Arts welcomes students to experience art through scholarship and as a process of creation. By uniting intellectual inquiry with artist excellence, we affirm the importance of a broad education and prepare our students for creative participation in a changing society. Our programs include:

Studio Art
History of Art
Post-Baccalaureate Program in Studio Art

Founded in 1951 by social realist painter, Mitchell Siporin, the Department of Fine Arts features a distinguished faculty of acclaimed artists and accomplished art historians. Though the department consists of two separate majors and one minor, the curriculum overlaps as we aim to imbue studio artists with a rich historical context and grant art historians a hands-on exposure to the practice.