Interested in the program?

You can request information from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

If you have questions, contact Alfredo Gisholt, Program Coordinator of the Post Bacc Program, or Christine Dunant, Senior Academic Administrator for the Fine Arts Department at Brandeis. Or give us a call at (781) 736-2655.


Student's studio

Prospect Street Studios

The Brandeis post-baccalaureate program has an off-campus building that houses individual studios, a large critique space, a wood/metal shop, a printshop, storage and a small kitchen. The majority of the program's curriculum occurs in the Prospect Street studios.


A large private studio space within the Prospect Street Fine Art Building is allocated to each student enrolled in the program. All studios are open and available to students, 24 hours per day throughout the academic year.

Sculpture/Machine Shop

The usual power tools are available, as well as a complete woodworking and welding area and a large outdoor workspace. Use of the workshop is available to both painting and sculpture students.


Students can pursue several methods with access to presses and equipment. At the Goldman-Schwartz facility, students are exposed to relief, intaglio, serigraphy and lithography. In addition, the Prospect Street Studios houses a small print shop where students can print etched plates, drypoints, monotypes and relief prints. Students receive instruction in various techniques and are encouraged to work on their own after demonstrated ability.


Models are available for life drawing, painting and sculpting. Students often organize model groups that meet once a week in the Prospect Street Studios.

The Media Lab

A computer lab in Goldman-Schwartz has fully-equipped computers, scanners and printers available to students enrolled in certain FA courses. In the Prospect Street studios there is a computer and printer designated for use by post-baccalaureate students.