Real Life in Russia

Are you considering studying abroad in Russia? Check out Real Life in Russia for a series of interactive lessons focusing on practical, everyday tasks that students will encounter as part of their study abroad experience. Learn about host family life, shopping, travel, Russian email and social media, and more!

The Real Life in Russia lessons were created by Professor Shannon Spasova at Michigan State University.

More Information

For more information about studying abroad, please visit the Study Abroad Web site.

Study Abroad

We encourage you to supplement your Russian language studies with a summer, one or two semesters of study in Russia. Experience in an immersion environment will boost your language skills and provide you with a unique opportunity to experience Russian culture firsthand. 

We encourage you to start thinking about studying abroad early in your language learning career. For general advice on studying abroad, choosing a program and choosing a city, please contact Program Director and Study Abroad Liaison Irina Dubinina. Once you choose a program, you should meet with the Undergraduate Advising Head David Powelstock to discuss academic credit. Most importantly, check with the Office of Study Abroad for application deadlines, available financial aid, specific program requirements and academic credit early on in your decision-making process.

If you have more personal questions about study abroad experience (i.e., which city in Russia to choose, staying with host families vs. the dorm, safety), or questions about language preparedness, please contact Irina Dubinina.

Approved Programs

The most popular programs among our students are CIEE and ACTR. Both programs offer semester-long, year-long and summer programs for various levels. ACTR has stricter language requirements while CIEE is more flexible. ACTR also offers semester and year-long individualized programs for heritage speakers of Russian.

These two programs are recognized by Brandeis and both are eligible for Brandeis credit. You will notice on the Office of Study Abroad Web site that both programs are labeled “provisional.” Please note that this labeling does not affect academic credit transfer. 

For detailed information, please visit the Office of Study Abroad Web site.

Other Programs in Russia to Consider

The School of Russian and Asian Studies
Offers summer, semester and academic year programs throughout Russia and the Central Asian States.

The Higher School of Economics in Moscow
Offers summer, semester and academic year programs. It is especially well-suited for advanced speakers and students who speak Russian at home because of access to high-quality university courses for Russian students.

The Bard-Smolny College in St. Petersburg
Offers summer, semester and academic year programs in Russia’s only liberal arts college.

Programs in the United States

If you cannot study in Russia, there are some excellent alternatives in the United States.

Middlebury Russian Language Summer School
Middlebury is one of the most well-known intensive summer language programs. It has a reputation of excellent teaching in an intense immersion setting. Scholarships are available.

Summer Language Institute, Indiana University
Indiana University's summer institute is a good alternative to Middlebury's summer school if finances are a concern.

Monterey Institute
The Monterey Institute is one of the few institutions of higher learning that certifies translators. The summer program in Russian has an excellent reputation.