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Graduate Program Handbook

Handbook 2017-18

Program Description


The graduate program in mathematics is designed primarily to lead to the Ph.D. in pure mathematics. We also offer a Master of Arts degree for students with a strong undergraduate background in mathematics, and a Post-Baccalaureate Program for students with a bachelor’s degree (in any field) who would like to expand or deepen their mathematical skills for use in the workplace or in preparation for graduate programs in mathematics, science or social science.

Most of our graduate students are enrolled in the Ph.D. program. All students accepted into the Ph.D. program are given financial support. The Ph.D. program typically requires five years to complete, and requires writing a dissertation. The Master's program usually takes three semesters, but students with strong backgrounds may complete it in two. Teaching fellowships are not available to master's degree students, but tuition reductions of 25 to 50 percent may be available. Students with a bachelor's degree in any field who would like further study in mathematics, but who do not have enough preparation for our Master's program, might want to consider our Post-Baccalaureate program.

The Ph.D. program in mathematics at Brandeis is fairly small and highly selective. The department recruits outstanding students from around the world and trains them to be effective teachers and cutting-edge researchers. Our faculty members work in the areas of algebra, analysis, topology and combinatorics; we do not offer programs in applied mathematics or statistics. 

The student at Brandeis is fortunate to be in an area containing many first-rate universities. He or she will find a wealth of lectures, seminars, colloquia and opportunities for contact with mathematicians at Boston College, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and the many other local schools. This unusual concentration creates a mathematical community of unparalleled diversity and depth.