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The Brandeis-Wellesley Orchestra Calendar: the source for all scheduling questions. Please check it often.


Directions to Brandeis
  • Park in "T" Lot (behind the Spingold Theater Center) or "X" lot (behind T lot) if T lot is full. If you have large instruments you can unload in front of the Slosberg Music Center before moving your car.
Directions to Wellesley College
  • Park in the lot between Houghton Chapel and the access road. 
Parking permits are not required after 5 p.m. weekdays or on weekends at either school.


  • All participants in instrumental ensembles and lessons must own a folding metal stand and metronome.
  • Woodwind and brass players participating in orchestra should have an electronic tuner such as the Korg CA-30 (or a similar model that produces musical tones in addition to indicating the pitch of the note you are playing). The Woodwind and the Brasswind carries the CA-30 at around $20. You can also purchase the Matrix Universal Transducer (a clip on mike which plugs into tuners) They can be ordered online or by phone (800) 348-5003.

Concert Attire

  • Men: Tuxedo, black bow tie, white long-sleeve shirt, black socks and black dress shoes.
  • Women: Black dress or long black skirt/pants with either black or white blouse and dress shoes.

E-mail and online calendar

  • All members of the ensemble are responsible for any information transmitted by the director via e-mail. Check your account before rehearsal and read the information carefully.
  • All members are responsible for checking the online calendar before purchasing airline tickets or making other travel arrangements.


  • Rehearsals are held Thursdays at 7:30 p.m., alternating weekly between the two campuses (shuttle busses provided) with one-hour sectional rehearsals at each campus on Tuesdays.
  • Be in the hall at least 15 minutes before each rehearsal so you can help set up and get on stage warmed up and ready to tune at the beginning of rehearsal.
  • Have a pencil on each stand at rehearsal.
  • Everyone should help set up and put away stands and chairs.
  • Anyone not on stage ready to play before the tuning note is sounded will be marked late.

Attendance Policy

  • All matters regarding attendance or lateness are covered under the academic honesty policy.
  • Everyone is required to be at all rehearsals and concerts except in the case of illness or family emergency. See valid and invalid excuses below.
  • Members are allowed one non-emergency "Personal Day" per concert - good when needed for the night before a midterm, etc. Personal days may NOT be used during concert weeks or the last rehearsal of the semester.
  • Chronic, unexcused lateness may, at the directors discretion, result in ineligibility to play the concert or dismissal from the ensemble.
  • Ineligibility to perform will result in loss of credit.

A Minimum of 10 Days Advance Notification is Required

  • No unexcused absences or personal days are permitted the week of the concert.
  • E-mail the director at least 10 days before the date of the request.
  • Valid excuses: illness, family emergency, exam conflicts that can not be resolved (see below).
  • Invalid excuses: exams, papers due, review sessions, extra classes, appointments with faculty advisors, trips to the airport, a friend's crisis, engagements with family or friends, appointments with doctors and dentists, and the like.

Last Minute Emergency Notification

  • E-mail the conductor and call and leave a message at (781) 736-3328 as soon as possible.
  • Arrange to get your folder to rehearsal.
  • Wind players: try to arrange for another member of the section to substitute for you at rehearsal.

Resolving Class Conflicts

  • The earlier the notification, the better, but at least 10 days advance notification of exam conflicts is required.
  • It is particularly important that exams not conflict with dress rehearsals.
  • As soon as you know of an exam conflict, e-mail the conductor with the professor's name and contact information. The music department will contact the professor to see if an alternate exam can be scheduled for you.
  • Chemistry labs and study groups for other classes sometimes conflict with rehearsals. In most cases, it is possible to transfer to a different section whose labs meet at a different time.
  • At the beginning of each semester, check the exam schedule for your classes and notify the orchestra director of potential conflicts. (Exact exam dates may not be available from your professor until later in the semester.)

Care of Music

  • Members are responsible for any music they are given.
  • Music should be kept in its folder to lessen the chance of damage.
  • At least $10 will be charged per part for the replacement of any music signed out to you that is damaged or lost. Note: replacing one part may require buying a whole set.


Brandeis students can Download the Class Conflict Form if you have a problem registering for orchestra.


Concert Recordings

Concert recordings are available here. The Mp4 files can be played in QuickTime or iTunes. You may have to right click to save the files to your computer.

Local Instrument Repair/Sales/Rental
String Instrument:
  • Johnson Strings (near Chestnut Hill Mall)
  • Curtis Bryant Cellomaker in Watertown, (617) 924-2044
  • Reuning & Sons 321 Columbus Ave # 4Boston, MA 02116 5168 (617) 262-1300
  • Thomas Dignan, bowmaker 295 Huntington Ave Suite 200 Boston MA (617) 262-5511
  • Cao Meyer Violins 93 Union St Suite 304 Newton Center MA 02459 (617) 244-8360 (Newton Center across street from Green Line stop)

Wind Instrument: