Doctorate in Musicology (PhD)

Close up of the William Dowd French double manual harpsichord

William Dowd French double manual harpsichord

Our PhD degree program in musicology is designed to give you the time, resources and support to develop your skills as researchers, writers and teachers in higher education. Your training will include both proseminars, which typically survey an array of topics illustrating the representative avenues of research and methodological approaches, and seminars, which offer more intensive investigations devoted to a single topic and stress original research.

If you elect to concentrate in music history or theory and analysis, you'll work closely with the Graduate Program Chair to choose courses appropriate to your specific research interest.

Preparation for teaching careers is an integral part of our PhD program in musicology. You'll serve as a teaching fellow during your second, third, fourth and fifth years of training. As such, you'll be responsible for course preparation, lecturing, administering and grading exams and meeting individually with undergraduates.

Musicology faculty and students actively participate in the American Musicological Society of New England.

Why Brandeis?

Music thrives here. We have an award-winning faculty comprised of composers, scholars, instrumentalists, vocalists and conductors. Our state-of-the-art facilities include:

We also belong to the Boston-area library consortium, so you can use books in major libraries in the area.

Careers and Alumni

Alumni from the doctorate program in musicology are well placed in major academic institutions throughout the country: